Monday, October 12, 2009

Slide Mania

And two recent scrapbook pages:

Two-page spread Memories


2 Girls, on our own said...

I love her hair and outfit in these photos. She looks so happy!

Bethany said...

I think Kylie is a beautiful, well-rounded, lucky little girl to have such loving mommies as she does...I dont want to insult you here, and if it's not my business, just say! But did you know her "dad" (donor)? If you didn't, does it ever drive you crazy when you look at her and see a look that doesn't look like you? Do you wonder things about him? If you do know him, does he see pictures? In either scenario, what a wonderful child he helped produce! Again, I am just curious as a long-time reader and Kylie fan!

Dee said...

What setting do you use on your camera to blur the background on many of your pics? Or do you do this in your editing software?