Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Kylie is reading- Week of Oct 12

Hmmmmm.....no comments on Saturday's post about sitting still or her artwork. No comments on my cold. Hmmmm.

I suppose I'll show you a widget of what Kylie has been reading.

And some hat pictures:

And a scrapbook page. Music class


Laurie said...

I actually loved the snuggle post... I can't wait to have snuggle time with our little one :) And the hat pictures! She is precious.

Alayna said...

Hey Wendy,
So sorry to hear about your cold. I hope you're starting to feel better!

Loralou said...

Love the background blur. What camera and lens do you use?

Stacey said...

love the 3rd picture the best

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Saturday snuggles were precious. I live for moments like that. I actually got Ethan to take a nap last weekend, which he never does, by playing in my bed. It was great!

I sure hope that you are starting to feel better. Perhaps getting an early cold will keep you immune all winter long...one can only hope. :)

I love the new hat pics. I can only assume that the hat is your artwork...beautiful! I love the third picture the most. Kylie looks so grown up and the slight pinkness of her nose just screams that the weather is getting colder.

Thanks so much for sharing. Even when I get too busy to comment, I still look at your lives every single day. :)

Dee said...

Beautiful. The color and crispness of your photos is amazing. And again, I love the background blur. Going to have to practice that so I can get it mastered.

Kerry Lynn said...

Sorry Kiddo,
BUSY weekend for me. Just catching up now.
I can't believe all those art projects. I really should get them into something like that.
I hope the cold doesn't last too long.

Beth said...

I thought I did comment! I loved reading your posts as always. I loved those pics from the weekend... so sweet. Sorry to hear about your cold, too -- it's probably the weather change -- Steven's been sick/snuffy the past week, too.

Thanks for your advice on Adam. I think "hands are not for hitting" is going to be our new mantra! =)

Hopefully we can have another playdate SOON!!!