Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday pictures

Like last year, we kicked off Kylie's birthday the night before with pre-birthday cupcakes.


Kylie waited very patiently until after lunch on Saturday to have her cake and presents. She was so excited, she was doing little happy dances in her seat.

Kylie has several favorite shows and characters but The Backyardigans are by far her very favorite. So it was fitting that we have a Backyardigans cake.

I think she likes it.

We let her dig off all the icing she wanted which really delighted her.



We all had a slice and Kylie kept digging at it until pretty soon it looked....

like this.

Kylie enjoyed opening all of her presents. I think her new pom pons were the favorite of the day. She kept cheering for all the rest of her presents. (She's wearing a dress-up Ariel outfit here).

It was wonderful that my Mom made the long trip from TN to share Kylie's birthday with us.

It was a perfect day.


f said...

Wendy - are you kidding? these photos are sooooo insanely amazingly perfect! good job photo mama! I know this winter was a hard one on y'all but this post was like a burst of spring and laughter and joy over at your household. What a gift to see it back. Happy birthday Kylie - looks like a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...


Beth said...

What gorgeous pictures! I've never seen such a happy little birthday girl! Precious! So glad that Kylie had such a wonderful birthday!

Adam has a little birthday present for his friend Kylie. I'll email you so we can set up a playdate! =)

rikje_l said...

Happy Birthday little gorgeous girl! you had a wonderful day, as we can see in this wonderful photos!

Stacey said...

Happy birthday! She is adorable--you got some great action birthday pics. She looks thrilled to get to dig into all of that icing. What's with kids and icing? I guess it's the sugary part and kids love sugar. :P

Kerry Lynn said...

You're jealous of my light???? This is the most perfect indoor lighting situation I've ever seen. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful birthday girl.