Friday, August 13, 2010


Kylie and I were invited to a birthday party held at Build-a-Bear. We've walked by this store at the mall in the past but Kylie didn't show much interest in it. I'm so pleased that her first experience making her own bear was with a group of kids; I think it made it so much more fun for her.

Here are a few (horrible and grainy from my iPhone) pictures.
Kylie has her foot on the pedal that fills her bear up with stuffing. The kids around her were jumping up and down calling, "Go Kylie! Go Kylie!"

Kylie taking the step "Talk to your bear and get to know her" very seriously.

Kylie got to pick out an outfit for her bear, including shoes. We were at the store from 1:00 until 2:30 which is usually Kylie's nap time. She was so tired at the end (this was originally a group shot of all the kids) that she was rubbing her eyes trying to stay awake.

Overall, I thought this was a very sweet and fun birthday party. Very generous of the two moms hosting it to give bears and outfits to all the guests. Kylie had her eye on(actually she was begging me to buy it so she could take it home) a toy dog on roller skates. She asked me for it again this morning. Kylie hardly ever asks for toys (knock wood); I have a feeling she'll get the dog soon.

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