Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Five small changes

1. Sticker Sheet A-ha Moment
In the mornings while I prepare breakfast, Kylie watches an episode of The Backyardigans on our little DVD player and plays with reusable sticker sheets.

I noticed that she did this sheet correctly- for the first time. In the past, when she would have a sheet like this, she would put the matching sticker over the top part of the sheet. Elmo on top of Elmo and so forth. And then, poof! she suddenly understood that she was supposed to recreate the scene on the bottom part without any direction from me. I just love it when things click in a child's mind. It's so cool to witness it. (As an aside, I believe I've blogged before about these sticker sheets but it's worth repeating to say that I put the reusable stickers onto a piece of wax paper- front and back just like the page is front and back. The wax paper and the sticker page then get slid into a sheet protector kept in a 3-ring binder. We have lots of sticker sheets and have used them over and over in this manner).

2. Her dry erase board artwork is getting better and better. She told me this one was the zoo and the center part--see the eyes and big swirl under it--was an elephant.

3. Glitter markers. She asked specifically for a set of glitter markers. She had completed a craft with them in school and wanted a set of her own. She's used them everyday for a week now.

4. We got Kylie a Lite Brite for Christmas and she wasn't very interested in it. I got it out again on Thursday night and she loved it! Karen, Kylie and I sat in her room with the lights out and put pegs in the board together. It was a blessedly quiet and sweet time. (Sorry for the flash photography here.)

5. Somebody tell me why I didn't buy Johnson's Hair Detangler Spray a year ago? It's a big help in getting out Kylie's morning tangles. And tell me why Kylie suddenly doesn't want pizza? Oh that's right. She wants me to make her a separate dinner for her even when I'm so tired that we ordered pizza delivery.

She's a lovable little munchkin.

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