Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello classroom! Hello teacher!

Welcome to Kylie's school. Karen, Kylie and I were able to tour Kylie's new classroom before her class starts on Tuesday.

Here are some pictures of her Montessori classroom.

World area near the restrooms. World puzzles and flags.

Sink where the children wash up. And this is snack area where the children can help themselves to a snack of milk and crackers.

This area is called "Practical Life" where the children learn to pour, scoop and other practical skills.

Here's another look. During Montessori summer camp, this was one of Kylie's favorite areas.

The items in Practical Life help with eye/hand control.

Coming on around the room, you can see the rug for circle time and the reading room area. Kylie is speaking with one of her three teachers. They are reviewing the protocol for using the white rugs and the proper way to roll them back up. There are 27 children in her class and one lead teacher and two associate teachers.

Kylie is in front of the Science area where she will learn the proper names for items like leaves and flower parts. Along the wall, you can see there is an area where she can practice tracing different shapes.

The Math area.


And language. In June, when I was able to observe Kylie in her class, she spent a lot of time with these manipulatives.


And back around to the entrance of the room and the world area.

Part of the playground.

I'm so glad I was able to tour Kylie's classroom and meet with her teachers. We look forward to our first day of class on Tuesday!


Michaela said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an AWESOME classroom she has!! I wanna go there myself and try everything. *giggle*

Thank you so much - again and again - for sharing all those fantastic pics and adventures.

"Adventure is out theeeeere."

Anonymous said...

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Cara said...

The inside looks a lot like our Montessori preschool. They must order from the same catalogue! I hope it's a good experience for both of you.

Holly B. said...

Looks like a fabulous place!

Kate said...

I hope she enjoys her new school.

Louise said...

What a tidy classroom! There are lots of interesting things to discover there. Did you say that she has a uniform?

Happy Back To School!

Beth said...

My goodness! This school puts Adam's Montessori schoolto shame! How very impressive that class looks! I'm sure Kylie will love every minute of school. Adam really enjoys it... except for "naptime" -- he HATES naptime and complains about it every morning. Do they nap at Kylie's school, too?

Jane said...

What a lovely creative place to learn !
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Teaberry said...

What a wonderful looking school! I don't really know much about Montesorri schools but now I'm intrigued! Are they all like this?