Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dance and run

My kiddo comes flying out of her room in the morning just bursting with energy. As I make our breakfast, she runs in circles in our living room while shouting, "Watch how fast I am!" Then she grabs her radio player and starts to dance.




And although I'm fairly bleary-eyed and craving a much-desired first cup of coffee, I manage to grab the camera and fire off a few shots. And manage to laugh and clap as I watch Nana Bear and Sarsy Lion go flying through the air for a grand finale.

I wouldn't say I have anywhere near this amount of early morning energy but I am loving my daily runs. My fantastic sister-in-law, Amy, sent me some half-marathon inspiration. She's incredibly thoughtful and just plain awesome.
The sticker is on my fridge urging me on each day. The necklace is waiting to be worn once I've actually run the race in November.


Beth said...

That is fantastic that you are running a half marathon! Wow! Very inspiring to hear!

Thanks again for all your support and encouraging comments on my blog. =)

Oh, and I love the new pics of Kylie! Adam loves his little "radio", too! =)

Anonymous said...

I have commented a few times, but followed you faithfully since before Kylie was born. I just had to comment on this post. You and Karen are such loving moms and that shines so bright through your blog. Enjoy this time with you girl, for the grow up waaaay too fast (my 2 are now 11 and 8!). These years are so very magical!