Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flips and nightmares

She runs, she flips, she lands. She has elastic for bones.

She'll have long conversations with you while holding positions like this.

My sweet little gymnast has had a run of nightmares recently. Nothing like hearing your kiddo screaming to get you flying out of the bed. Karen and I are to her bedroom before our minds are completely awake. Kylie can't tell us what the nightmares are about. She forgets them as soon as she sees us. And it doesn't seem like night terrors or associated with school or anything. Just normal preschooler nightmares.

Other times Kylie hollers, "Help! Help!" in the night because she wants/needs to go to the bathroom but her bladder is so full that she can't move without peeing in her nighttime diaper. This upsets her too because she is used to getting up and taking care of her bathroom needs herself in the night.

Thank heavens for our "fairy dust". I have a sparkly green empty spray bottle. I spray fairy dust all in her room filling it with sparkles and light, chasing away any bad dreams or worries. Karen and I "catch" the fairy dust as it falls and gently brush it on Kylie's hair, face, arms and legs. It soothes her every time, thank heavens.

I wish I had some for myself. After having my adrenaline filled rush to her bedroom after a nightmare, it takes me forever to calm back down to sleep.

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Shannon said...

Our son just started back to daycare after a year home with Mommy and he's been having nightmares too. They don't seem to be related to daycare but I think it's just part of the adjustment process. Their minds are probably processing everything that's going on and all the big changes. He also can't tell us what the dreams are about and seems to forget as soon as we go into his room.

I love the fairy dust idea.