Monday, October 02, 2006

Birthday and the Borg

Only Trekkies will get this first paragraph. I have found that my nausea has amazing Borg-like qualities. Drinking ginger tea worked for two days and then stopped working. Preggie Pops and gripe water did the same. It worked long enough for me to have a brief euphoria of "This works! I've found the cure for me" and then boom...quits working and the nausea and vomiting are back full force. I have decided that my pregnancy nausea can ADAPT. Just like how the Borg can adapt to weapons-fire. You can shoot and hurt them 2-3 times but then they quickly adapt their defense mechanisms. That's my nausea now.

I've also found that when it's time to eat, I can only think of only 1 or 2 things that I could possibly swallow. And usually these items are full of carbs, grease, fat, or salt or all four. You would think that since food is not really appealing that I wouldn't be eating much. Not true! Eating all the time! And hoarding oatmeal cakes like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter.

Now the great thing about today is that it is Karen's birthday. Happy Birthday, darling one! And later we will have cake and ice cream! Hurray!

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Stacey said...

I found that my nausea would only be fooled for a couple days too. One thing would work and then I'd have to find something else. Just keep searching and keep on eating. I was a total pig in my 1st trimester and mostly craved the bad food too. :-P

Happy birthday, Karen!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Karen. Just think, next year you'll have a 5 month to help celebrate your b-day. How exciting. Hope you have a great day and have a piece of cake for me. And Wendy I hope your nausea gets better real soon or you at least find something that makes it go away so you can enjoy your meals.

Momai said...

Happy Birthday, Karen!

My nausea cure of the past couple days has been carmel apple suckers. Check your local grocery store's Halloween candy section. They have a tart green apple center with a semi-soft carmel layer on the outside. Very very yummy when you want something sweet but not too sweet.

Traci said...

Happy birthday Karen!

I didn't have too much nausea (a few weeks with my 1st one is all)with my pregnancies however I've been told it goes away in the second trimester.

revrose said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Karen. For some reason I had it down on my calendar from last year as the 12th of Oct, maybe that was when you were here and we celebrated both birthdays. Then I saw Wendy's post and went ACK!. BD gift is on it's way.

Per the nausea, which sounds really awful for you Baby, I had success with really cold Sprite and saltine crackers, but only if I got it as soon as the first wave came over me. Good luck and hope it ends soon.

Jeanne R said she had nausea with all 3 of her boys, but not with Heather. Hmmm...