Saturday, October 07, 2006

We won! (no...not the lottery)

Our home town boys beat the dawgs 51-33 tonight....yea! We watched the whole game and loved the high scoring. I called my folks back in TN late in the 4th quarter after TN intercepted a pass to pretty much put the game away and got to share the yippees with my dad. My dad loves (I really mean l-o-v-e) TN football! He was an usher at the stadium for every home game for around 30 years and only stopped doing it a couple of years ago. I think I told you before that TN football is some kind of genetically inbred condition of pretty much anyone born and raised in east I come by my addiction honestly!

At one point after a great score, the TN band started playing the fight song (Rocky Top) and I reached over and gave the biscuit a pat and made sure the song was identified clearly for her/him. Our child may be born and raised in Oregon, but I'll be willing to bet that there'll be a little part of TN hardwired in---particularly the part of TN that is related to football Saturday's!

Go V*ls!

- Karen



Scout said...


I love your post! I am originally from Georgia and my partner is from Memphis, so ours is a house divided during the game. We now live in Portland, Oregon with our 3 month old daughter. She already has bulldog gear, but I guess after that rout she will proudly wear the orange.

Love your blog,


Anonymous said...

Laura is a HUGE Tenn fan. She loves Pat Summitt and the womens basketball team. She is always glued to the tv during March madness.