Monday, October 23, 2006

Woody weekend

Karen and I went for a drive up the Columbia River Gorge on Saturday to view the Fall colors. It was one of those perfect Fall days when the sun is bright, sky is blue, wind is blowing, and there's that wonderful smell of freshly-cut grass and leaves. We stopped at a park near Rooster Rock and watched some 30-40 wind surfers do their crazy, thrill-seeking moves on the choppy and cold Columbia River.

Karen and I don't go camping. But as a kid, my family went tent camping all the time. As I walked in the woods on Saturday, I made a mental list of all the woodsy things to teach the Biscuit:
how to walk in the woods,
how to cross a stream,
how to recognize poison ivy and oak,
how to collect kindling and wood and make a fire,
how to whittle a stick,
how to roast marshmallows,
and how to fish,
and the list goes on and on. All the wonderful things I'm looking forward to sharing and teaching him/her.

Our friend Heather brought us baby clothes that her son Ethan has outgrown. She GAVE us over 30 gender-neutral outfits for the Biscuit. And there are twice as many more clothes for us if the Biscuit is a boy. It was an incredible gift. She also sold us her papasan chair at a great price. We are very grateful for her generosity.

You know us, the weekend wouldn't be complete without a visit to the baby store. But thank heavens we went. We purchased the very LAST pack and play of our chosen pattern. It seems that our pattern has been discontinued so the store put them on clearance, discounted the price and the suckers were flying out the door! We snatched the very last one.

I'm 13 weeks today. The nausea is subsiding- hurray! The fatigue still hits hard most days between 3 - 5pm but I feel refreshed after napping. There are moments when I could swear that I feel my uterus stretching and when I sneeze I can feel some round ligament pain. I may start wearing some maternity clothes to celebrate entering the 2nd trimester. I can still wear my regular jeans but I'm tired of looking baggy and frumpy, I'm ready to show some curves!

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revrose said...

Ah yes, hiking and camping! There are certain other necessary skills. How to secure your tent zipper so that a skunk can't force his way in during the night. How to properly suspend the tarp over your picnic table, so that the rain run-off doesn't put out the fire. How to choose PERFECT camping or picnic spot (requires circling the area at least three times). And parenting in the woods requires learning how to let your child walk to the bathroom unaccommpanied. How to avoid screaming when she falls off rocks, stands too close to precipitous drops, runs on downhill trails, tries to feed furry little rodents, etc. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Oh I love camping. This past summer was the first time I had been since I was in my early 20's. I had forgotten how much I loved it.

BTW, what the chair you bought from your neighbor? I had no idea what you were talking about and I was kind of interested since you seemed to get such a good deal on it.

Stacey said...

I love the fall and I love camping. Can't wait to take our kids camping. :)

Yay on getting your pack-and-play! So fun to buy baby things. And it's great that you're getting some hand-me-downs. :)

I would often find sneezing or coughing would be a little uncomfortable. :-P

Yay on the 2nd trimester and feeling better. :)

Wendy & Karen said...

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for your comment. The papasan chair I bought from my neighbor is a Fisher Price bouncer. Here's a link:

It vibrates the baby and plays music. My neighbor used it a lot but her 3 month old has already grown out of it.

J-Le said...

ooo - i get those sneezing pains too!

The Recovering Straight Girl said...

So glad that you're starting to feel a little better!

DtDtKty said...

Sounds like you had a good time. It was definitely beautiful this past weekend. I am so glad that you liked all of the clothes. It makes me so happy to see you enjoy them. Biscuit will enjoy the seat too. :)
Sorry that you had a "relapse" yesterday Wendy. Hopefully the nausea and vomiting will get out of here for good.