Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe...

/cue Jaws theme/ Duh duh.. duh duh.. duh duh daaaaah

Well...the brief respite Wendy got from the nausea has gone bye-bye. No sooner had she posted about the nausea subsiding when it hit again with a vengence! She spent the better part of yesterday hanging over the edge of the toilet with me running back and forth with cool cloths, 7-up and saltines. Then this morning when she got up, she was hit with a massive case of dizziness. She collapsed back on the bed and grabbed onto me in an attempt to stop the spinning and ended up finally going back to sleep for a couple of hours before it passed. Sigh....

The good news is that she did feel better this afternoon and we even went out for a bit. However, I do think she was spurred on to feel better by the call from Babies R Us that our baby room glider was in! We ordered it expecting it to not arrive until the first of the year (based on their estimates). So we were surprised and way excited when they called to tell us it was in today! We went over to pick it up and brought it home and set it up immediately. It is soooooo awesome. I think Wendy may just park in the chair until the baby comes. She just looked so peaceful when she sat down and started to rock (um...I mean, glide). I'll let her post her own pictures of her in the chair, but here's one of the glider and then one of me and Phoebe (the older of our two kitties) enjoying it.

Wow! We really didn't expect to have this so soon, but it was a nice surprise and a great thing to take Wendy's mind off her renewed nausea and dizziness. We're really hoping these episodes are the "last hurrah" of the end of the first trimester and that brighter, less nauseated days are ahead!

- Karen

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Stacey said...

I hope the nausea goes away and stays away!

Great chair! We have yet to purchase our glider. We are also going to get one from Babies R Us, I believe. A cherry wood one to match the baby's furniture with the bee pattern on the material. I think in a pale yellow so that it can be more neutral where ever it is placed in the future.