Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pillow talk

At my last doctor's appointment, I was told that I would need to sleep mostly on my side from around 20 weeks until I delivered. This is to maximize the blood flow to the baby while I'm sleeping. I'm comfortable sleeping on my side but I mostly sleep on my back. So I've been thinking about sleeping pillows.

Babies R Us has "snooger" and "snoozer" body pillows. These pillows aren't very thick. I think that I'm going to need a dense pillow right against my back to keep me from sleeping on my back. Maybe two long body pillows? I also want to be able to turn from side to side without having to shift a bunch of pillows and wake sleeping Partner.

Any pillow suggestions?

In knitting news, I finished Ethan's stripped baby hat. It's made of Cascade Yarns Cotton Rich yarn and knit on size 3 double-pointed needles. I used the pattern from the "Simply Baby" book by Debbie Bliss. Karen made the adorable pom-pon. (I tried to make a pom-pon and ended up with tiny pieces of blue yarn all over the house. I blame the placenta brain!) I think the blue yarn brings out Ethan's blue eyes. Here's Heather and Jeff's little boy:

[13w, 3d]


Anonymous said...

What a cutie. Looks like your little one will have a best friend just waiting for them.

Stacey said...

Cute photo! Nice hat--it does make his eyes brighter.

As for the body pillow, I have the Snoogle from Babies R Us. Originally I didn't want it because it's $60 and not worth it. But yes, it is worth it. I now sleep with just that pillow and sometimes another one for my head as well. You can sleep with it however you want. I generally leave it laying in one direction so if I'm on my left side, I use the long part for under my belly and tuck the curved part under my leg and by my butt. If I turn in the night, it is not as easy as not using a body pillow but it's better than when I had tons of pillows to maneuver. When I turn onto my right side, the long part goes behind my back and the curved part between my legs and under my belly. It works well. I find it cushiony enough too and never accidentally roll onto my back. Also, you will be aware of trying to sleep on your sides so it won't be like before where you end up sleeping however you want.

My only complaint with sleeping on my sides is the hips. If I stay one way for too long, my hip will hurt. I have tried different positions and a folded up feathertop underneath but I still have some mornings where I wake up stiff on one side. Good luck!

Momai said...

I have a maternity pillow that I bought years ago (OK, an ex bought it to keep me company when she wasn't in town) but I have no idea what the brand was. It's just a really long tube. Mostly, though, I've been using a feather bolister from IKEA and a couple of those squishy pillows with the little foam beads in them. You know, the ones that were all over Walgreens for a few months. I totally recommend them for a good custom fit, particularly since they're so easy to move around and they are really great for shaping to exactly what you need. I have three that are soup can shaped, and one that is a 3-foot tube. Mine usually roam between positions supporting my lower belly, back, top knee, or ankles. I've also tried laying on top of one so that half the beads are on each side of my torso. It felt great, but it was a bit harder to roll over. I'll probably do that more once I get a bit farther along.

Stacey is right about it being a pain in the hips. I also find that my upper arms cramp up. That's usually when I know it's time to switch sides.

Anonymous said...

You can get some pretty nice stuff from The Company Store ( They have both firm body pillows and maternity pillows. I used both and liked them! Good luck!