Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A sweet day and mom thoughts

Wendy made it through the whole day without being sick and didn't even have much nausea...yea! I don't want to jinx it by saying so, but we're hoping she's on the backside of the nausea curve and that she'll lose it entirely as she moves into the 2nd trimester. Keep your fingers crossed!

We had the joy of once again keeping neighbor baby Ethan for a couple of hours while his mom went out and about. The kid is growing up so fast! He is getting more and more social and smiles and coos alot. We put on some music and danced around with him and was so fun. We love that we get to get all this baby time with Ethan and it makes us even more excited about our little one's arrival!

I think Wendy is going to make such a great mom. Watching her cradle Ethan in her arms and dance and sway and sing was just delightful. She gets so engaged with him and it is truly a joy to watch.

Ethan's mom, Heather, spent this past weekend in the hospital getting blood thinners and attention for a blood clot in her lung and we're just so relieved that it was found and treated! She's had a rough few months what with Ethan's arrival into the world being early and not without a few complications for her but she's such a great mom and a great friend. We love you Heather!

I was also thinking about my mom today. My mom is a pretty awesome lady and the older I get and the closer I get to becoming a mom myself, the more I realize how wise and wonderful she was (and is) as a mom. There really wasn't anything specific I was thinking or remembering about my mom today, but thoughts of her were just very present in my mind as Wendy and I enjoyed our time with Ethan today. Love you mom!

To all moms out there - moms to be, moms in waiting, belly moms, heart moms, grand moms, old moms, new moms, every mom there is - here's to you!

- Karen



Holly said...

I think having a baby makes us appreciate our moms a little more. I think it's funny that I can't imagine my mother being as excited having us as I am right now!

DtDtKty said...

You go Wendy....crossing fingers and toes for no more nausea!!!
Thank you also for the kind words and for being so sweet to me and Ethan. We are so very lucky that you are such an important part of our lives. Ethan "told" me all about the fun he had with you today. :)

Stacey said...

Yay! I hope Wendy continues to feel better and this is the start of the 2nd trimester honeymoon. ;)

I agree, you do appreciate your mom more as you go through this process of becoming a mom. It's amazing to think that she had the same feelings about you as you have towards your baby. So strange to be on this end of things now...

Recovering Straight Girl said...

So glad Wendy's feeling better. Maybe we can get together sometime soon??