Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mind candy

This morning was my worst bout with vomitting to date. I'll spare you the gory details. Thanks to those of you who have commented that it will pass upon entering the second trimester. I hope and pray that this will be true for me as well. Of course, I also hope you mean 13 weeks instead of 14.

So when I'm not puking, I've been knitting like the wind and reading some pregnancy fiction.

I've read "Bed Rest" by Sarah Bilston. This is a story about a busy attorney who is ordered to bed rest halfway through her pregnancy and how she freaks out in having to stay still.

And I've read "Notes from the Underbelly" by Risa Green. This one's about a materialistic, body-obsessed, high-school guidance counselor who has her own meltdowns as she progresses through her pregnancy.

Both are light, fast, mind-candy reads. I laughed more at the Green novel.

There is a memorable, funny line from the first time she encounters a bunch of pregnant women and new moms at a birthday party for friend's one-year-old. Here's the quote:
"I just have no idea how my body is going to respond to pregnancy - or how hard it's going to be to lose the weight afterward- but if the butts on the mothers in this room are any indication, I am totally screwed. Honestly, every single one of them is larger and fatter and more cellulite-ridden than the next, and I suddenly begin to think that I've been brought to this party for a reason. Like the Ghost of Asses Future is trying to show me what's in store".

I'm also concerned at how much weight I'll gain and how long (1 year, 2 years???) it will take to get it off. Another reason I'm looking forward to second trimester is I hope that I'll start to eat more nutriously (hopefully better for the baby). Lately all I can seem to eat is carbs and fat and the Ghost of Asses Future has started to laugh in my ear when I look in the mirror.

Do any of you have recommendations for more pregnancy fiction?



Mo said...

I read Annie Lamott's Operating Instructions (I think that's what it's called) and Dan Savage's The Kid. Both are really humorous and light, but don't necessarily deal directly with pregnancy. I hope the nausea goes away soon!

nursevest said...

The book "Girlfriends guide to pregnancy" is light and funny more of a non-fiction, but entertaining. I sure hope you start feeling better soon. Although, I never threw up during my pregnancies (I'm sorry), I did have nausea and it went away completely at 12 weeks. Hang in there queasy girl.

Stacey said...

Sorry the morning sickness is really getting to you. I believe you will feel better in the 2nd trimester. Just hang on. I felt better around 14 weeks I think but everyone is different.

Good luck with the ass. I think mine has already expanded. :-P

Anonymous said...

I second Annie Lamott's _Operating Instructions_ & I'll also add Susan Finnamore's _The Zygote Chronicles_. A quick read, but I find her dry wit to be hysterical. For a slightly less funny & very heartfelt look into the lesbian side of pregnancy, there's Louise Blum's _You're Not From Around Here, Are You?_ It's a memoir, but I found her experience to be very interesting.

Sending you lots & lots of anti-nausea vibes!

Baby Fox said...

Just found your blog. I'm really enjoying reading it. Hang in there! I do here the 2nd Trimester brings relief.

Holly said...

Lois never believed me when I told her the throwing up part would pass. But, it really did just stop as quickly as it came, I promise. (I think it was week 15).

As for books, I second the Girlfriend's Guide, and, some people hate her but Jenny McCarthy's book, Belly Laughs (only to be taken light heartedly) made her laugh, but it is not a really tough, long or deep read.