Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm a sherpa...and I love it!

It feels so wonderful to be home again after being gone all last week on a business trip. We spent two wonderful mornings in a row sleeping in and just lazing about which was wonderful. I've got to catch up on all my blog reading. The kitties were also glad to have me back at home and even wildcat Chloe has been a lap cat and loverbug (which she usually isn't). Sigh...home sweet home.

The other wonderful part of being home is being here to help out my dear Wendy. She was so ill this past week and I hated being away and thinking of her here fending for herself alone. She's in the phase where she gets about an hour after a meal to feel pretty decent before the nausea kicks back in and it's just a battle to keep from throwing up. I've been able to provide cool, damp cloths for some relief from the huge body heat swings she has and fetch whatever she needs when she needs/wants it.

I read a post over at Lesbian Dad that rang true for me in regards to my role as the non-pregnant person in this journey. The post was talking about how a male friend had asked how she dealt with the moodiness of her partner (in not so nice terms) and she gave him a verbal spanking for his attitude. The analogy I liked so much was that being pregnant was like climbing Mount Everest and she was just honored to be the sherpa! I have to say I'm proud and happy to be Wendy's sherpa along the way. I can't experience just what she does, but I want to provide her with whatever I can within my ability to deliver that she needs.

Here's a sherpa story from today: We were finishing up an early dinner just a bit ago and Wendy had grabbed her dessert - 2 Little Debbie oatmeal cakes. Imagine a leprechaun standing guard over the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and that may come close to Wendy's passion for her oatmeal cakes. Well, I asked her for a bite of one as she opened it up. She took a look at it, turned it in her hand and held it out to me with just a slight hesitation. The side of the cake that she presented to me was, shall we say, without middle. It was a place on the cake where the icing hadn't quite made it to the edge so that only the oatmeal portion was icing. I took it from her and turned it to the other side where a big fat icing patch was protruding from the side. As I turned it, I noticed this look of near abject horror that crossed her face and I slowly turned it around and took a small bite from the icingless portion she had presented me. Relief flooded her features as she reached to pull back to safety the remaining cake. We cracked up! Busted! She had tried to slip me the empty side and hope I wouldn't notice and then had totally given herself away when he looked mortified that I turned it around and found the good stuff! And... I have to admit had she not been pregnant and constantly fighting nausea and all the other joys of the first trimester of pregnancy, I'd have taken a big ole bite of the gooey part just for fun! That, my friends, was one of my sherpa duties for today. :)

Oh...and we actually made another trip to Babies R Us today to do a little touch and feel testing with some of the bedding. Just another excuse to be in baby nirvana for a few minutes. So...that makes an even dozen trips so far!

Sherpa's unite! Have a great week all!

- Karen

[12 Babies R Us visits]


DtDtKty said...

I love those Oatmeal Creme Pies!!!! I remember going through that phase during my pregnancy too. For me, it usually took three times of having something before I was over the craving. In the case of the creme pies, it was three boxes of course. :)

Wait until you are watching tv and Wendy sees a food item or just hears the mention of it and **has** to have it. That my friends is how Jeff ended up concocting homeade Chunky Monkey ice cream.

Enjoy the ride!


J-Le said...

my sherpa, special k, is being equally as generous to me! bless you all, sherpas!

Stacey said...

Mmmm those Oatmeal snacks are good.

You are a great sherpa.

Momai said...

OK, that one got a huge laugh from Mombi and I. You describe it so well! Alas, I will not be indulging in OCPs this pregnancy. I lived on them for several months when I was in college, and I'm still not over it.

Polly P said...

Solidarity, sister!

I can't believe that every partner doesn't feel this way. Really. I just have to hope my as-yet-not-so-enlightened male chum is in a tiny minority among his kind. Looks like "dtdtkty" at least knows a guy sherpa. Phsheew.

And thanks for the sweet 2 Little Debbie oatmeal cakes story.