Monday, June 18, 2007

Birthday and shots

Yesterday was Kylie's two month birthday!

She now weighs 10lbs 12 oz (which is an increase of 1lb. 14oz since last month and 3 pounds since her birth).
Her weight is in the 50 percentile.
She is 23 inches long (up three inches since birth) which is in the 75% percentile.

Kylie is really looking around a lot these days.
  • She watches our faces intently and can recognize us from a distance.
  • She can raise and move her head from side to side and is just beginning to "turtle" when on her belly.
  • She loves to stretch out her long limbs and squirm about.
  • She's taken a few swipes at her dangling toys.
  • She opens and shuts her hands a lot. She holds onto our shirts as we feed her.
  • She still loves to hold her hair.
  • She sleeps in her crib in her room at night. She "practices" facial expressions as she's falling asleep.
  • She loves to suck on her fists and her pacifier. She's just started licking or sucking our arms as we hold her.

    Today she had her four shots (DTap, Polio, Hib/HepB, and pneumococcal conjugate). She had two shots in each leg. Of course she screamed like a banshee but calmed down as soon as I nursed her. She's had her dose of Tylenol and we will watch her closely for signs of fever and such.

    She managed to give us this smile when we got home.

    And I love this picture because if you look closely, you can see her profile (including her eyelashes) shadowed on the couch.

    Ethan Barry's Momma said...

    Great stats at Kylie's two month appointment. It sounds like she is a healthy, growing little lady. You described how she reacted to the immunizations, normally of course, but you didn't say how YOU responded. :)
    I left the room and cried while Jeff stayed with Ethan at his 2 month appt.
    I love the monthly picture...I will soon be going to those as well. Enjoy every moment because it sure flies!


    Anonymous said...

    She's such a little sweetie. I would love to see her soon!

    Dee said...

    How sweet she is! I hate the thought of her getting those silly needles jabbed in her. Ouch! Hope she's feeling okay today.

    SassyFemme said...

    Love the look on her face!