Sunday, September 16, 2007

Beach ball and bananas

We played with beach balls at Gymboree on Friday and Kylie just loved it. On Saturday, she was all about playing with her ball. She practiced sitting on it and bouncing on it while we sang her "Pop Goes the Weasel."

She really likes rolling on it

and practice crawling with it.

And when she's tired she'll sit and lean on it (while licking it).

Who knew a baby-sized beach ball could be so much fun?

After playing with her ball, I decided I needed a few more pictures because the light coming in to her room was really lovely. For a while, Kylie played along

but she soon decided that enough was enough. One way to finish a photo session is to pull down Mommy's drape and laugh at her (she's just so pleased with herself here!).

On Sunday, she had bananas for the first time and liked them.

But Sunday afternoon she started getting very fussy. She wasn't interested in playing which is unusual. She just wanted to be held and soothed. At first I was afraid that she was reacting poorly to the bananas but then, on a whim, I decided to see what she would do with a teething ring.

Now previously, Kylie wasn't interested at all in teething rings. She wouldn't even play with them. But today when I offered it she immediately did this:

She was happily surpised at good it felt on her gums and merrily chomped down on the ring for quite some time.

But the poor darling was pretty uncomfortable by the end of the night. I hope she feels better soon!


Stacey said...

cute pics. the beachball sounds like fun.

teething never ends. it's not fun.

Anonymous said...

Ha! It's like a baby class with those exercise/yoga balls. Doing some stretches for her back, legs...but I like the idea of just hugging it at the end. So cute!