Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Classes and coughing

On Friday we took Kylie to her first class at Gymboree. She got more out of it than I thought she would. We sang songs, played with mirrors, flashlights and puppets and ended with a baby massage.

Kylie loved looking at the other babies. That was the best part for her.

There were four other mothers there with their babies. It was interesting to hear how other babies are doing with their eating and sleeping. It's amazing how very different babies are!

I was reminded at Gymboree about how a baby will add coughing to her vocabulary. And sure enough, Kylie is coughing in addition to her other sounds. And she loves how coughing will make me jump! She'll cough and I'll turn and look at her and she'll grin as if to say, "Ha! Made you look again!"

Here are some pictures from the weekend:


E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

Great pictures! We always scroll down hoping for more.

Stacey said...

great pictures! classes are fun! i love seeing the babies interact and learn from each other.

Soupy said...

Yay for the "coughing cowboy" sound! LOL
What FUN to play with the other babies -great class!

Holly said...

What a great idea! We have been considering looking at the Gymboree here.
Andrew also likes the coughing thing (his Mema taught him - damn her) and he thinks it's funny that we turn when he does it.