Saturday, September 01, 2007

First meal

Kylie had her first meal of rice cereal today and it was awesome. Check out this short video:

For some time now Kylie has been "telling" me that she might be ready for food. She was exhibiting many of the readiness signs.

  • She can sit with support and lean forward and backward.
  • She can turn her head to refuse food.
  • She has stopped exhibiting the extusion reflex.
  • She is nursing 8+ times a day and still wants more. LOTS more.
  • The time between feedings is getting shorter and shorter.
  • And she started showing an interest in our foods. She would hum and grunt while we were eating.

    So today she had her first bowl of rice cereal. She opened her mouth when she saw the spoon coming. She moved the rice cereal around and swallowed it so easily. And then she leaned forward and opened her mouth wide again as if to say, "Yes Mommy! I like it. Feed me more!" She ate over 20 small bites with lots of enthusiasm. She finished with her first sip of water and then 3 more ounces of breast milk.

    Needless to say, Karen and I were thrilled. We kept goo-ing and cooing with her and we beamed happy smiles at one another. We videoed the entire five-minute meal and took these pictures toward the end.

    Happy Baby and Happy Parents!

    It's been about 12 hours since her meal and her digestive system is doing just fine. She's had no allergic reactions so far. And we're crossing our fingers that she doesn't have any.

    So she'll have rice cereal for the next few days and then we'll introduce another new food. I can't decide if oatmeal, pureed avocado, or sweet potato should be next. Any recommendations?

    Anonymous said...

    that's great - how exciting!

    at mother's group the other day the nurse told us once we've tried rice cereal to start with the yellow/orange foods (eg sweet potato), then move on to the white foods, then finally onto the green foods (eg avocado). not sure what the rationale is though!

    Caba said...

    I think it depends ... our pedi told us to introduce rice cereal and then move to oatmeal fairly quickly because rice cereal is binding, and we already have constipation issues ... anyway, she told us to do cereal for 3-4 weeks before introducing the baby foods. But once we do, she had no rules about what to add. All she said was try and space new foods apart by 3 days (to check for allergies) and to mix it up, so to speak. So she said if we give a fruit one day, next time add a veggie, etc. And if they don't like something, try again later.

    We just started yesterday and we did prunes first. Like I said, constipation issues. Ha ha.

    Have fun with it!

    E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

    Amazing -- she grows so fast. So very cute.

    Soupy said...

    adorable!! too funny, we just got out Keifer's highchair and were debating on whether or not to start her! Kylie is SO damn cute! what fun!

    Dee said...

    That is so fun! She's so cute!!!

    Jen said...

    What a sweet video! She definitely seems to enjoy it. She is just precious!

    Shauna said...

    She is so damn cute. :) Congrats on the first meal.

    Caroline said...

    What a great video and pictures. What I loved about the video was...I am not sure who was more excited...Kylie or Karen.

    Audra said...

    she is just so precious! the looks on her face is just so adorable! She sure looks ready!

    Ethan Barry's Momma said...

    What a wonderful experience for all three of you! I am glad that she did so well and that she is so enthusiastic about it. Hopefully she won't have any texture issues like Ethan does...It sure doesn't seem like she will.

    Yes, rice cereal can be very constipating but oatmeal can as well. If that becomes an issue, you can add prune puree or bananas to the cereal every couple of days as needed.

    I just looked at our baby milestones calender. We started with oatmeal, fed it by itself for one week, and then started sweet potatoes at week two.

    Good luck and have fun!

    Holly said...

    OMG! She's doing great! How cute!