Monday, February 04, 2008

Photo shoot

It was a pretty laid back weekend here at Casa Kylie. I did make some time for a photo shoot so that I would have some pictures to share with you.

I find that I'm all the time looking into Kylie's mouth to check out her teeth. It's eerily, freakily, cool to see how they change each day. Kylie will eventually look at me as if to say, "Quit it Mommy. You are freaking me out!" Here's a teeth shot:

Can't quite see those uppers? Well, here is a close-up.

I love the little darling's profile shots. And that hair flip just gets me!

And I love looking into those big blue eyes and checking out that heart-shaped face and chin.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if she ended up looking like this heart-shaped faced beauty?

Of course, then Kylie decides that she's had enough and wants to play with the black sheet.

And then she crawls over to check out that baby in the mirror. This is a big sheet of bendable, unbreakable plastic that acts like a mirror. We have it sitting on the floor of her nursery. As you can tell, Kylie thinks it is a hoot.

Finally, here are some scrapbook pages that I've finished. The first was a 30 minute start-to-finish class assignment and the other was just for fun. Bigger pictures and details can be found here and here..


Audra said...

What a cutie!!!

Holly said...

look at those teeth!
she is as cute as ever!