Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pulling Up

We got Kylie this toy yesterday to replace her Exersaucer and Jumperoo.

She crawled right over to it and used the sink part to pull herself up to standing. This was the first time she's pulled herself up by herself. Way to go Kylie! She's played on it for most of the day.

We decided to do some rearranging in Kylie's room to make some room for this big, ole toy. We moved Karen's chair to our media room so now we have just the one rocker in the baby's room. And we moved her crib and dresser around. I think this is the fourth or fifth time we've moved the furniture in her room (and the sweet thing isn't yet a year old!)

Nothing more to share other than this scrapbook page that I completed for class last night. Click here for a closer look and for details.


Lynanne said...

Not only is she standing, but she's standing steady from the looks of it - yay, Kylie!!!

That toy looks like fun. Does she share with you or do you have to wait until she's asleep to try it?

R said...

Her blue eyes just sparkle!! Looks like she is having oh so much fun with the toy :)

Stacey said...

Great toy. It's kind of like the door we have for Riley. It's monsterous but so much fun for them. ;) I hear ya on rearranging the room. They have so much junk! LOL

Soupy said...

K loves this toy and is SO proud of herself when she gets the songs to sing = ex:when she opens the fridge or rolls the roller thingie.
I love this toy! Yay for K pulling herself up - K is trying so hard w/the toaster :)

Holly said...

OMG! What a big girl! She is going so well! What a cutie patootie.

Dee said...

I can't believe she's standing! Go Kylie! What a big girl.

Wonderful scrapbook page!!

And I LOVE the toy. Riley might have to get something like that soon.

Kerry Lynn said...

I just read a bunch of your posts. I love all the new pages you've done. They really look beautiful!