Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wood worries

Kylie isn't fond of the wood floors we have in our kitchen/dining areas. She prefers to stay on the carpet in the family room. If I pick her up and put her somewhere on the kitchen floor, she'll play for a while and then quickly crawl back to the safety of the carpet. If she's in the family room, I can call to her and try to entice her to crawl to me. She'll just look at me and pat the wood floor as if to say, "You see this? This isn't fun to crawl on and I'm simply not going to do it."

Another curious thing that's just developed is that she's pulling on her shirts. This just started last week. She'll be playing along and then reach down and twist her shirt or pull at the collar of it. It's so interesting to watch her become aware of different things. Before I know it, she'll be taking her clothes off and trying to run around naked all the time.

She's cut her left top front tooth. It will be a while before it grows out enough to show in pictures but it has cut through. The right one is still cutting.

Here's some other recent pictures:

And here is the scrapbook page I created in last night's class. I learned several new things in making this. I was pretty giddy once I had completed it. Karen said I was beaming. I just love learning new stuff about Photoshop! For a closer look and to see the details, click here.


Lynanne said...

How funny about the wood floors! My daughter had a hangup about the lawn. If I put her on a blanket on the grass she acted like she was on a lifeboat in shark-infested waters.

It's so much fun when they learn to undress themselves. Especially you walk into their bedroom in the morning and find them without a diaper. :)

Dee said...

That's funny about the wood floors.

Congrats Kylie on the teeth!

Love the pics and again, in awe of your scrapbook page!