Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baby Loves Disco

One highlight of the weekend was attending Baby Loves Disco on Sunday. Around 150 parents and children showed up at the Wonder Ballroom to shake around to some 70's music.

Kylie had a big time looking at the lights and disco ball overhead.

As well as watching the tons of bubbles.

Karen and I had took turns holding Kylie and dancing with her and each other. Nice tongue-biting action here!

And---you aren't going to believe this----Karen and I WON the Hustle dance competition. Sure, a kid was the judge but hey, I was happy nonetheless. We won a Baby Loves Disco cd. I was just a little bit tickled.

Now that's some livin' out loud!!

We also enjoyed visiting with some friends on Saturday. Their daughter, Jillian, was nice enough to share her toys with Kylie. It's easy to see why parents buy so many new toys for their kids. Kylie LOVED playing with some new toys. She was so excited to pick up and play and slobber on someone else's stuff! She was completely engaged and quiet for over an hour. Karen and I got to have some actual grown-up talk with some adults without a fussy baby crying for attention. I was in heaven!

And of course, I can't end a weekend post without showing you the scrapbook pages that I worked on this weekend.

This one was a challenge from my class. There were six parts to the challenge but the hardest part was that the page had to be completed (after your pictures, paper and elements were chosen) in thirty minutes. So it's a simple layout but I'm pleased with it. For the details or a closer look, click here.

And here are two side-by-side pages that celebrate Kylie's accomplishments during her eighth month.

For close-ups and details, click here.

Oh, here is one more picture to share. Kylie is perfecting her kissy face because she knows we love it so much. She sucks in her cheeks, purses her lips and makes this face before she makes the smooch sound. Here she is kissing me thanking me for her meal. You are most welcome Baby Kylie!


Stacey said...

LOL at the baby disco. That's too funny. Looks like you had an incredible time.

Riley does that kissy face. We call her fish face when she does it.

Love the pics.

ajs4ever said...

SO PRECIOUS!! I love the new pages! I so wish I could get into all that, but I don't need another hobby that is expensive:) The baby disco sounds like a lot of fun!!

Lynanne said...

Congrats on winning! It sounds like lots of fun!

*LOVE* the kissy face! So sweet!

Dee said...

Love the disco!!! How cool is that!?

Kylie is too beautiful!

And I'm in awe of your scrapbooking abilities.