Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend News

We had a brief bout of sunshine on Sunday and I snapped these pictures--these are straight from the camera.

I love the blur on this one. It's indicative of Kylie-on-the-move. "I'm going to get you Mommy!"

And here's some play pictures of Karen and Kylie.

This one cracks me up. It looks like they are singing a musical together.

How beautiful and sweet!

I'm enjoying some new music. I bought this cd titled Putumayo New Orleans Playground. It was playing the other day at Gymboree and I simply had to have it. It's delightful.

As a coincidence, I happened across this Powell's Books and Music link which has some other Putumayo music. I downloaded the free Israel song and have played and enjoyed it several times.

Before Kylie, I was all the time buying new music on Itunes and loading them in my ipod. Nowadays, finding new music selections is pretty low on the time & money list. But maybe I'm making a small comeback. And have you heard that Jack Johnson has a new cd coming out-- pretty cool!

On Saturday, I attended my very first book signing. Ali Edwards was signing books at a nearby Portland store and I showed up, met her and got my three books signed. I've seen her picture, her son's and husband's pictures, and yet it was so trippy meeting them all. I managed to make some small talk about her latest 365 Flickr project. She made lovely eye contact and thanked me for my many compliments. She was wonderfully tall (you know I like that in a woman), and her clothes were so well put together and she had the prettiest skin and teeth. I felt like a star-struck goofball.

She signed my books "Capture Life". How cool is that! (PS--you know you aren't cool when it is 2008 and you still use the word "cool" to describe cool things. Someone give me a new word so I sound a little more up to date please.)

Anyway, last year I attended a lecture held by The Yarn Harlotbut didn't brave the long book-signing lines because I was pregnant and tired. So here I am, on the downside of my thirties and attending a book signing for the first time of my life. It was memorable and fun so I highly recommend meeting your favorite authors if they come to a town near you. But go ahead and have your picture made with them. I was too shy to take my camera to meet Ali and now I really wish I had.

That was my weekend. How was yours?


Kelly Lopez said...

First off, the pictures are so sweet! I love checking your blog for new pictures of Kylie. She is just about 6 weeks younger than my daughter and I'm a softy for babies!

I just started following Ali Edwards' 365 project and love it. I wasn't too familiar with her before catching wind of it from another blog. It's very cool and I suspect I would have been a start struck goofball too!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Beautiful pictures all the way around.

Congrats on going to your book signing. I have been to two myself and find them to be surreal. It's hard to act normal when this "iconic" person is standing right in front of you. Sounds like you did a good job.

Stacey said...

beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are absolutely lovely. There is nothing like sunlight to make photos all the more beautiful!

I love so many of the albums in the Putumayo series. They do a great job, and I've found some wonderful artists through their collections.

(By the way, I tagged you for a quick little meme on my blog, if you're interested.)