Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hungry Cupcake

Kylie had a growth-spurt day today. The little darlin' was up at 4:00 am and ravenous all day. She ate way more than usual and was fussy most of the day.

We did get gussied up to visit Karen and her two co-workers at a nearby conference facility. Karen was working with her two training guys to get them up to speed on a new course. Karen and I had just purchased this outfit at Gymboree (see the cupcake?) so I thought it was a good opportunity to try it out.

Don't worry. I did put socks and shoes on the sweet baby before we went out and braved the cold, winter day.

Anyway, I took the guys some Moonstruck Chocolate and we had a nice, brief visit. Then Kylie and I went to the grocery store.

Let me ask all of you something. Is there anything I can do to make loading Kylie in her carseat easier on her?

She gets happy and excited when I put on her coat and hat. But the moment I sit her in her carseat, she begins to cry. It doesn't matter if I sing songs or make funny faces or offer toys or anything. By the time we are a few miles down the road, she stops crying and is happy again. But the loading her in the seat makes her sob. I don't rush her but I am pretty quick about getting her loaded. But she is not a happy camper in the process. Do all babies go through this?

Anyway, I was able to finish this scrapbook page tonight. This was from the first lesson of the four-week Jessica Sprauge class I'm taking. I'm tickled that I've already learned several new things about Photoshop from her. If you click here you can get a closer look and see the contents description.


Shauna said...

If you figure out the car seat issue be sure to let me know. Chicka just hates being so constricted.

Stacey said...

Riley sometimes cries and throws a fit about the carseat too. We just ignore it and stay positive. I think they don't like being strapped down. At least you have a happy girl to put on her winter gear. Riley usually hates that too. :P

We have the cupcake jean skirt, pink shirt and leggings for Riley. We are saving it for her 1st birthday party. :)

Soupy said...

Uusally when K starts fussing, I start singing to her and put this on:

then we give her a teething ring, her fave 'car" mini-Whoozit, and her 'car' lovie blanket. We keep them all in the car so that is the only time she gets those toys. The car mirror music and lights seems to always distract her.
Good luck!

Kathryn said...

I used to think that people were definitely going to call Child Protective Services the way I used to have to wrestle Mikayla into her car seat. She was a real pain about it and would fight back with me so much that I was practically putting all of my weight on her to push her in the darn thing.

She grew out of it, I hardly ever have to do this now that she's 13!

Jen said...

yep, i agree with all the other commenters. our little monkey STILL hates the carseat at 7 mos and even moreso with the addition of the bulky winter gear. it stinks but just like kylie, she's okay once we on the move.

Anonymous said...

Love the cupcake outfit. And the cute little toes!

Your pages are great. How did you learn to do them?