Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quick Update

Kylie is crawling better and better. She's crawled out of her nursery and out of our media room- all on her own and with no prompting from us. So we put our baby gates back up. We're reading for our crawling little girl. She managed to crawl and grab one of our cat's tails tonight which delighted her to no end. The cat was less than pleased.

Kylie is cutting her second tooth on the bottom. And we can see her upper two teeth right under the gums but they haven't started to cut yet. We had to give her some medicine today to help with the pain, fever and fussiness. But even teething, she's such a sweet little girl.

On another note, several of you have expressed an interest in digital scrapbooking. My teacher, Jessica Sprauge has announced her first quarter classes. You can read about it here. She gets my highest recommendation! So mark your calendars because her classes usually sell out within 24 hours. I'm so excited about her "Now We're Rockin" class.

And now here are a few pages that I finished this weekend.

This is for Kylie's milestone book. This is "brighter" than what I usually do and I'm still not completely happy about it. I've started over from scratch three times on this page. So I decided to finish it and move on. This is a two page spread. You can see close-ups here and here.

These two went much more quickly and were more fun.

Hope you had a great weekend. I'm off to watch "The L Word".


Kerry Lynn said...

that two page spread is amazing! honestly, I wouldn't change a thing!

Audra said...

i love your pages! (and the cutest little girl that appears in them!)

where do you get your digital supplies from?

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Congratulations on crawling & Good Luck with the teething. :)

Beautiful pages too!

Carol said...

I just discovered your blog this evening and love it! Kylie is precious! And your adorable scrapbook pages make me want to go out and spend even MORE money on scrapbooking stuff. To feed my habit online I found (no, I don't work for them; just like their stuff...).

I'll be back to adore her some more!