Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Knittens and Reproducing Genius both tagged me with a meme to list 7 random facts. So here we go but please give me some comments on this one or I'm going to feel really self-conscious.

1. Plain & dry
When I eat a hamburger or a hot dog, I order it plain and dry which means no condiments. And here is a good one, I'm southern but don't eat any kind of gravy. Do you remember "Schoolhouse Rock"? It was this program of running educational commercials during cartoon Saturdays. There was a schoolhouse rock song titled, "Don't drown your food".

The lyrics were "Don't drown your food. In ketchup and mayo and goo. How can you eat what you can't even see? So don't drown your food." I took that little infomercial to heart and refused to try condiments until I was in my 20's. And when I tried ketchup and mayo and such I hated it. So, plain and dry for me please.

2. While we are on the subject of food, I eat a Chocolate Peanut Butter Zone Perfect Power bar for breakfast every morning. I started this while pregnant and have continued to enjoy them.

3. I write Thursdays as an "R". A leftover from college registrations I suppose.

4. I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 36. In fact, Karen taught me to ride. And my first bike is, of course, pink. And I still get freaked out by riding.

5. I write my grocery list in 4 quadrants.
My mom taught me this trick. Fresh fruits and veggies go in the upper left corner of the paper. Canned & packaged goods in the lower left. Dairy in the upper right. Frozen foods and things like Diet Coke, paper towels, and cat litter are listed in the lower right. Try it out. This is the way most grocery stores are configured. But even if I only have to buy 6 things, it's listed on my post-it note in the quadrants. Weird.

6. I'm pretty adamant about ordering my Starbucks drinks the Starbucks way. Just common courtesy to say it the way that they do. And my favorite drink is an iced, grande, non-fat, no-whip mocha.

7. I have many active hobbies such as scrapbooking, reading, writing, knitting, and so forth. My one "non-active" hobby is to follow marketing and business trends. I'm passionate about excellence in advertising and business. I don't really "do" anything with this hobby other than read books and blogs and roll my eyes and rant at crappy ads and business policies.

8. And here is a fun last one. I'm a kick-ass camper. I haven't camped in several years but I can pitch a tent, make a fire, and cook on a camp stove like a pro. My mom and dad camped a whole lot when I was a kid and I practically grew up in the woods.

So that's me. Maybe if we comment loud enough, Karen will post some of her idiosyncrasies.

Or you can read this post from last May from her.

I'm not going to officially tag anyone but if you want to be tagged, consider this your invitation!



Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Those were some great facts! I'm going to have to try the food store list. I'm always looking for ways to streamline that trip!

Come on Karen, give us a meme!!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea about the grocery list!! I'm definitely going to try that!!

f said...

Good idea about the grocery list! My to-do list is already sectioned off into "to do" (academic/grad school/life), "to email", "to call", "errands" and "store". Then when I have a few minutes with the phone, I can look at my to-call list. Or if I'm driving home, I can look at my errands list. If they're all in one big list, I'm screwed! So I'll definitely try the grocery store quadrants.

But no way am I giving up my ketchup on my hot dog or hamburger... by mistake I had a dry burger once and it was too...dry!!! Do you like lettuce or tomato on it? What about something spicy instead??

You'd probably really enjoy the magazine, "Communication Arts." It's got lots of great ads, marketing trends, etc., but presented in an artsy manner rather than just hyped up business speak. It's expensive, but browse it at B&N or wherever you go next time!

Shannon said...

That was fun! My partner does something like that with her grocery lists. If I add anything the list I always have to ask her where to put it! LOL.

Lynanne said...

I love reading these, though I can never think of anything interesting for myself. Maybe I just have too many quirks to only list 7?

My 11 y/o doesn't know how to ride a bike. I didn't realize this was common until talking to others about it.

[chants] Karen, Karen, Karen! :)

Stacey said...

Really interesting read. :)

I LOVE condiments and sauces. The more, the better.

I can't order in Starbucks lingo. It just seems wrong. They are just trying to be tricky.

I too think of Thursdays as an R.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Learning to ride a bike in your thirties? How cool is that?!?! I expect that most adults would not even bother trying that. Think of all of the neat bike rides you three will go on.

I have a friend who, in her thirties, finally learned to swim. I am desperate to learn how to ice skate bit I don't really know where to start other than "put on skates and step on the ice".

tekfan33 said...

I tried the grocery list suggestion for my weekly trip this morning. I think that's the first time, EVER, that I haven't backtracked through the store for something that I missed seeing on the list while I was in that section. Worked like a charm - thanks!!

SassyFemme said...

We make our grocery list the same as you! You're the only other person I've ever heard of that does this.