Friday, October 17, 2008

18 months

Dearest Kylie,

I was shocked this evening when I added up your words. You know and speak 32 words! This month you added Wow, Duck,
Mole-while pointing to a tiny mole on Momma K’s leg,
Row- when you want to hear the “Row Your Boat” song,
Pop- used as a noun when you see your pop beads and a verb when you want to pop bubbles
Two- when you see a number. Right now, all numbers are “two!”
Nose, Toes, and Knee.

You can name three body parts (nose, toes and knee). When we greet you first thing in the morning, you call us by name, and then touch our nose and say “nose!”

You like to watch a few minutes of a Wiggles DVD in the morning before your breakfast. There is a song on the show with the lyrics, “Can you point your fingers and do the twist?” and you point your fingers and squirm around in your chair.

You love going to the park. If you see swings you say, “Whee! Whee!” You’ve become more proficient in playing on the outdoor playground gyms. You’ve even climbed up the stairs and slid feet first down the big slides.

At home, you’ve added some interesting ways to play to your repertoire including climbing into your toy bin to play with your Little People, tucking blankets over your dolls, dumping blocks out of a small bucket and then either stacking 2-3 blocks or putting the bucket over your head and trying to walk around, playing with matchbook cars and making marks outside the house with sidewalk chalk.

You wake up at 6am, nap from 10am until 11:30 (sometimes until noon), and play hard until 6pm when you go to sleep. You have two breakfasts, lunch, a snack and a light dinner.

This month you’ve become more helpful. When I tell you it is time for a diaper change, you will walk across the room to me and lay down in front of me. You’ll walk to your room when I ask you to and to the bathroom for your bath. And this month you’ve started to become more obstinate. You fuss and cry when I try to either change your walking direction or if I try to take something from you.

You’ve become attached to saying your mothers’ names and knowing our location. If I leave the room, you say “Me-ma” in an inquiring voice as if to ask where I am. It’s the same when Momma Karen isn’t in sight. You want us to know that you know our names and to be reassured about where we are.

Lastly, you’ve become so affectionate. You’ve always been a very huggy girl which we love and now you’ve started exchanging kisses with us. We adore it when you lean toward us to give and receive a kiss. We love you so very much and we are so proud of how are growing and learning.

Here's your 18 month scrapbook page for your milestone book.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic scrapbook page. You are creating such wonderful memories for Kylie. I commend you on your enthusiasm and effort. Nada

Jen said...

Wow, 18 months already? Say it ain't so! She's just beautiful and your photos of her are amazing.