Saturday, October 11, 2008

Giggle happy

Momma are you going to....?

Tickle me, tickle me. Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh!

Momma K gives her a little break. It won't last long.

Another round of giggles

Dude, I'm a little drunk from all of those laughs.

Kylie, where is your hair?

Kylie, where are your ears?

Ya see these emerging bottom teeth?! You couldn't HANDLE the pain from these TEETH!

You see these curls? They make me a little crazy.

Another fun Saturday afternoon snack.

1 comment:

The Maven said...

She's not only the cutest baby girl on the planet but she also has adorable clothes! Are they all gifts or do you shop for her constantly? After three boys I think I would be hitting up the stores that sell pink, pink and nothing but pink - especially with polka dots. Too cute!