Friday, October 31, 2008


"Mommy, what is this?"

"Kylie, that is a pinecone. It is the seed-producing cone of a pine tree."

"But Mommy, haven't you been calling it a pineCOMB? Didn't you even blog about it?"

"Yes Kylie. Mommy misspelled a word on her blog. When my friend Kerry pointed out my error, I was really embarrassed. My only excuse is that I had too much Honeycomb cereal as a child."

"So let this be a lesson. No sugary cereals that warp your brain, okay?"

Have a great Halloween everyone. And stay tuned for pictures as Kylie dressed as a pink poodle!


Soupy said...

OHHH! Cant' wait for your pink poodle! Lucky you - she wears it! LOL LOL

Lynanne said...

Isn't that how it's pronounced? You aren't the only one (do a google search :P). I get teased for saying "pun-kin" (pumpkin) this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!

Even though we don't celebrate in Australia, I am currently in the US and I have seen so many pumpkins, and costumes...

It is fantastic!

Mommy J's Wild Ride said...

Oh my gosh, I just laughed my butt off! I had noticed when I read that entry, but thought that maybe it was something cute between you and your family. CLASSIC laughs! Happy Halloween and we cant wait to see the pink poodle :)

Kerry Lynn said...

It's ok Kylie, I've got your back. You just let me know if your mom starts saying things like "suposebly" or "libary". I'll straighten her out.

OMG, that totally cracked me up. In all seriousness you could have easily convinced me that I had been wrong. And doesn't it make sense since a pinecone is shaped sort of like a honeycomb?

Anonymous said...

I think pinecomb makes more sense, actually.