Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reveal and updates

Don't you love Home and Garden tv shows when the re-decorated room is revealed to the owners? Well I can't wait to reveal the new office to Karen. It took 2 coats of base paint, 2 coats of color paint and every available minute of Kylie's nap time as well as 4+ hours at night for 5 days and nights but the new office is completed. I had to take apart the desks and rebuild them upstairs in the new room because they wouldn't fit through the doorway. I got the rest of furniture and all of her books installed on Saturday. I'm so glad this project is done. It's hard to tell in these pictures but the paint is a lovely neutral color with a slight tinge of green. The room has a fresh, crisp feel to it.

I shot this fun photo as Kylie played at a nearby shopping center playground today.

We were shopping for bjorn potty chairs. Kylie's been giving me a few signals that it is time to introduce the chair. And I agree with the theories of potty training discussed in the Diaper free before 3 book. So the plan is to have Kylie sit on the chair first thing in the morning, last thing at night before her bath, and after her meals at home. But enough bathroom stuff, here are a few more updates.

  • Kylie has finally gotten the hang of pull toys. I bought her the classic pull phone and she is enamored with it. It was like she looked at her two other pull toys with and said, "Oh that's why you have strings! So I can pull you". She's also drags the popcorn popper along. Sometimes, she drags all of them at once.

  • Kylie has two plastic buckets that hold miscellaneous toys. Lately, she's been dumping out the toys, putting the bucket on her head and trying to walk around. The other day I was rinsing some dishes and felt a pull on my legs. I looked down and saw Miss Bucket Head. The cutest part was she was quietly snickering in her bucket. So fun!

    We listen to The Yellow Bus cd all the time in the car. Kylie has started to sing part of the lyrics on two of the songs: the car song and the hippopotamus song. It tickles me to hear her in the backseat singing with me.

    This Baby Einstein book has cardboard cutout shapes that pop out. Kylie has learned how to put the shapes back in the book in their proper places (triangle in the triangle shape, circle in the circle, etc.)

    That's all for now. Karen just called and is safely in Portland and on her way home. Hurray!

    Stacey said...

    looks great! and seems like it was a lot of work so i bet you're glad for it to be done. i'm sure she will love it!

    love that picture.

    good luck with the potty. we put riley on it from time to time but haven't done much in really organizing that yet.

    Michelle said...

    Beautiful job on the office! I love neutral colors that feel so fresh. Glad Karen will be home soon. Reading your posts about her not being home just reminds me of the upcoming 8 month deployment my husband will be going on soon. *sigh*

    Kerry Lynn said...

    Great work Wendy! You must be so relieved it's done. That's not easy work!

    I've been meaning to get potties for the kids but I'm procrastinating because I don't know if I need to get two or not. I know if I only have one they will be fighting over it.

    I actually nannied for a girl that didn't use a potty or even a ring at all. We just sat her on the big toilet and held onto her. I'm thinking about going that route but again, the fighting over it. UGH.

    Oh, and Maddie is definitely showing signs she's ready. If we notice that she has struggled to poop, we'll ask her if she pooped and she'll grab herself! It's too cute!