Thursday, October 23, 2008

Four facts and four pages

1. Karen is doing well in Denmark. She's jetlagged but made it through her presentations splendidly.

2. Standing on a ladder for 4+ hours is HARD. The painting is going slower than I hoped but it's going.

3. Kylie has learned to say "down". This is fabulous because until now she used "up" for when she wanted up and down. She's also learned the words book and tree.

4. Yesterday I received four children's toys catalogues in the mail. I guess my address has been sold and I'm going to be tempted by tons of awesome kids toys. This Fisher Price set caught my eye. As did this one.

Here are four pages documenting Granna's recent visit.



Duck pond


Becky said...

Love the scrap pages, Wendy! You do beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Great Scrap book pages. They are just beautiful. And my family has the A to Z Zoo and the kids love it. It provides hours of entertainment! :-)