Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Right Now

In addition to reading my blogger friends and follower's blogs, I also read some blogs by authors. People like
Ali Edwards,
Jessica Sprauge,
The Yarn Harlot and
The Pioneer Woman.

I recently found another author's blog: Soule Mamma. And I'm just loving it. It's filled with beautiful photography, knitting bits and other crafts, pictures of her kids, and cooking. Simply fabulous.

I clicked on her blog today and was inspired by her entry. Right Now So I'm copying it.

Right Now, I am

feeling . . . strong from my morning run and pleased with Kylie's morning. Kylie loves to pull off my hat at the end of our run together. Can you even see the baby amidst all the pink?

enjoying. . . some new photography blogs.

wondering. . . if the US Presidential election will help people settle down and feel more confident and hopeful about our future.

listening. . . to WAY too much Wiggle music. Last night, one of their songs played constantly in my head while I was trying to sleep. If you have some favorite, non-children's music, please let me know who you are groovin' too. I need to hear something new.

drinking. . . more Diet Coke and less Starbucks. I spent too much money at Starbucks in September. When I need a take-Kylie-for-a-quick-ride-while ingesting some caffeine break, I've been going to McDonalds and getting a diet coke instead of going to Starbucks and plopping down $3.40. Some days this works. Other days, I really want that Mocha.

wanting. . . Karen to have safe, productive and fun trip to Denmark next week.

loving. . . Fall weather.

Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day. I took Kylie to the zoo. She walked for about 30 minutes with her bunny tether and then had a snack of raisins and cheerios while I pushed her in the stroller. This was the first time I used the tether and I liked it. Kylie was fascinated with the sea otters. She must have stood here looking into their tank for ten minutes.

Have a great day everyone!


Becky said...

Love the picture of Kylie at the zoo. She's looking at the otters so intently. Have you taken her to a petting zoo yet?

The Maven said...

I also love Kylie's zoo picture. She looks so intent on watching those otters!

If I had more money I would be at Starbucks every day. The earth thanks me that I'm not, but my taste buds scream grande half-sweet soy pumpkin spice latte *sigh*

What I've been listening to lately: old favourites. Right now it's Blood Sugar Sex Magic by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it's not exactly kid-friendly. More iPod friendly ;)

traci said...

I've been listening to Rascal Flatts. Good stuff. Your baby girl is so beautiful. I love the pic of her looking through the glass.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post at the end of my day! School ended at 2:30pm for me and I've put in 6 hours of marking since then. I'm finally done and reading blogs was my reward.

Thank for you sharing you day with us all! Congrats on your running. Very well done!

Louise in Canada