Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, even though we went through 4 outfits before noon this morning, all in all it was a good day.

Kylie likes to suck a mouthful of water from her sippy cup and then dribble it down her chin and neck and all over the shirt. She has a wicked propensity to do this whenever my back is turned. She managed to soak both her shirt and pants this morning. I didn't realize that she had also spit water onto her play table. As I took her first wet outfit to the laundry room, she was wallowing in water again. There went the second outfit. The third was history when she slid down a hill of mulch. And then her diaper leaked during her nap onto her 4th outfit.

The afternoon flew by lunching and visiting with my new friend Shelly. Kylie was on her best behavior during the entire visit. She was a regular chatterbox of gibberish all day but she minded her manners.

This evening, we were practicing saying "on" and "off" by playing with some scarves. So far, she doesn't say the word "on" but she loves to say "off!"

I love the dramatic way she throws the scarf off.

And speaking of drama, look at how she's hamming it up here!

What a little drama queen. I have no idea where she gets it (wink).


Soupy said...

ahh, I love your drama queen! THey are so fun!!!!!

Stacey said...

too cute. she looks like she loves dressing up.

Michelle said...

The scarf pics are adorable! She does look like a drama queen! But a precious one!

Anonymous said...

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