Friday, December 19, 2008

Hat Love

Kylie and I were feeling well enough after lunch to brave a trip to the mall. She has fallen in love with the "Finding Nemo" movie and I wanted to get her a Nemo toy. One the way home, Kylie kept saying "hat, hat".

So when we got home, I put this hat on her. She was so happy! She had her hat and she had her Nemo; she was a tickled little girl.

She loved pulling the hat off and putting it back on all by herself. I like the flapper girl look she's got here.

I thought this look was particuarly innovative.

My darling Kylie has a style all her own.

By the way, I knit this hat last November for Kylie. You can find a free knitting pattern for it here.


Kerry Lynn said...

I found the site for the tutu!

kylie could win america's next top model with all the creative ways she's wearing the hat.

kiles1670 said...

You have the most adorable daughter, I read your blog everyday and love the updates.
Congrats on all your walking too.
You guys are a grat family :-)

Mommy J's Wild Ride said...

Nemo is my FAV!!! The hat is incredibly cute on your little one. Great pics :)