Monday, January 19, 2009

21 month milestones

Dearest Kylie,

What a fun month this has been! This month has been all about talking and playing.

  • You’ve learned the names for shapes. You can say square, diamond, star, circle and triangle and you almost always put the correct word to the right shape.
  • Several times a day we hear you say, “eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, hands, fingers, elbows, back, belly, knees and toes” as you pat those parts and then you move onto “shirt, pants, jeans, coat, socks, shoes, hat”.
  • You've started putting short phrases together such as “Big fish. He’s swimming [in] water. Swimming fast.”
  • You love to have pretend conversations on the phone. It usually sounds like this: “Hello. This [is] Kylie. Uh-huh. Mommy’s cooking. Uh-huh. Bye!” You also say, “Hola Dora!” when you have your Dora phone.
  • You crack us up when you throw your arms out and say "I don't know!"
  • You are doing really well understanding and saying opposites. You know and say: up high & down low, on & off, open & closed, empty & full, hot & cold, wet & dry.
  • You've started chiming in on some of your favorite songs and you know and sing several of the words to “Twinkle, twinkle little star” and “Row, row, row your boat”.
  • You can correctly identify all the images in several of your board books.

  • Imaginative play- You love to give pretend sips of drinks and bites of food to all of your dolls and toys. You like to tell them to “sit here” or “go sleeping”.
  • You like to help us unload the dishwasher. And a Clorox wipe remains one of your favorite things to play with. You just love to clean, clean, clean.
  • You love to put various toys in the windowsills of our family room. And it amazes us how you keep your toys in their own groups. Your Little Ponies get grouped together as do your Backyardigan figures, your professional people dolls and your Little People.
  • You have a set of matching tiles and you are great at matching two tiles together.
  • In addition to making tall towers out of your pegboard pegs, you like to stack blocks. You can make a stack over 10 blocks tall.
  • You learned to run this month; it’s a scampering, pity-pat run of fast feet.

    Clean Up
    At 19 months, you became very interested in the potty. So we bought you a child’s potty seat and you used it about half the time for two weeks. But then you became very resistant to the potty seat. So we’ve put potty training on hold for a while.

    Ever since you were 9 months old and cut your first teeth, brushing your teeth has been a struggle filled with yells and tears. But suddenly this month, the struggle ended. You will open up and let us brush your teeth (as long as we do it quickly). What a relief! Then we hand you your toothbrush and you brush them again yourself.

    You’ve always enjoyed your bath but now you love the bathtub even more. You like to lie on your belly in the tub and say you are swimming. You like to splash and kick. You love to pour water from small cups onto your hands and feet.

    Lots of love for such a little girl.
    You are 32 ¾” tall which is in the 45th percentile and weigh 22 pounds, 3 ounces which is in the 6th percentile. You are such an affectionate little girl. You enjoy giving hugs and kisses throughout the day. We love you immensely and are lucky to have you in our lives.

    Beth said...

    Such a beautiful post. My Adam is just a few weeks older than Kylie and their milestones sounds so familiar. It's amazing, isn't it, how much they understand/talk/can do now? I just love it. Adam's weight is also hovers between the 5 - 15th %ile. He has so much energy and love for such a little guy!

    Kylie seems like such a wonderful little delight! :)

    Stacey said...

    What a smart little girl. :)