Monday, January 05, 2009

Meltdowns and milk

Six Kylie meltdowns today. Here's the bare minimum on what caused the screams, tears and whines. It's a simple list but I assure you there is an epic story behind each one.

1. During our walk, I had to lead her away from the busy street sidewalk and onto our neighborhood streets.
2. I wouldn't let her jump into our neighbor's fountain.
3. I told her it was time to walk home.
4. I had to scrub her dirt-covered hands more thoroughly than usual to get them clean.
5. I moved her away from the bottom of a slide so another kid wouldn't crash into her.
6. While shopping at Target, she reached for something and I breezed by it. She paid me back by taking off her coat, shoes and socks and then eating my list of things to buy.

By the end of the day, I was limp as a noodle. I looked up to Karen and asked, "The terrible two's don't last an ENTIRE YEAR do they?" "Of course not darling," was my lovely wife's reply. She's probably lying but I love her for it.

I managed to click a few photos. I know that Kylie looks incredibly red but I didn't have the energy for any Photoshop work on them. And I think the shots are cute nonetheless.


singlemom626 said...

I do wish you luck. I've raised my son alone. He's now almost 19 years and I still don't know how I survived all those tantrums. I even had someone follow me out of a store when he was five: "Excuse me, is he your child?" Oh, and the time he stripped down to his a crowded airport. The age of two was fine; it was the day he turned three that I was worried. And, sorry, but ages 12-16were just about enough to send me over the edge. Thank goodness I love him more than anything in this world.

Oh, and here's a secret that nobody told me: those stages you hear about? Well, you only get about a 15-minute break between them. Hold on and enjoy.

Thanks for the pix and text; she's a sweet girl!

Beth said...

I am right with you. Adam is 21 months old and has too many tantrums a day to count. Fortunately, like Kylie, he is beyond cute and very sweet and fun... when he isn't melting down, of course! Hang in there! :)

Anabelle said...

So not to frighten you... but mine is almost three... I remember when she was 18months and the tantrums started to rear their ugly head.... once she hit 2... they were 10 times worse.

A close girlfriend of mine once said..."now you know why animals eat thier young"

good luck :)

Lynanne said...

Had to chuckle at the animals eating their young comment. :)

Karen wasn't lying - this stage doesn't last a whole year. It lasts 18. ;)

I feel for you. This morning a simple diaper change took 10 minutes. I ran to answer the phone and within 30 seconds, he retaliated for the atrocity of having clothes put on him (another 15min ordeal) by dumping a spitty cup full of milk onto the carpet (no "slow flow" valve in it, of course).

Mommy is currently in a time out. :)

Caba said...

Is it possible that Kylie is emailing with my twins? I NEVER know what is going to set them off, and it seems like the little things ever ... and something that doesn't bother them AT ALL one day will cause an intense meltdown the next day.

One day at a time, that's my mantra!

Kerry Lynn said...

I'm going to steal that idea and write down everything that sets them off tomorrow! My list should be twice as long :-)

Loretta said...

ah, the good old days...Mommies, eventually they DO grow up,they leave home and you will ACTUALLT MISS THEM. Enjoy them,because in a blink of an eye they'll be in the next stage...causing more gray hair and sleepless nites! Someday you too, will look back at these days and smile but in the meantime, just continue to do what you're doing. Miss Kylie is just showing her independant little spirit!