Sunday, January 25, 2009

Five things- thrilling title, I know.

Five things about Kylie
1. Kylie was incredibly patient when we went shopping on Saturday.

2. But she had a meltdown when we tried to leave her in the nursery at church on Sunday. Karen stayed with her so that I could attend the service.

3. Kylie is doing great with the toddler bed. She really likes to crawl out, get a book for us to read, and crawl back into the bed. She loves putting all her stuffed animals in and then back out. But so far, she seems to think that one of us needs to be in the room with her in the morning before she can get out of the bed. We'll see how long that lasts.

4. When I'm making lunch or dinner and I open the fridge, Kylie likes to open the fruit drawer, grab an apple and gnaw on it.

5. Kylie loves her swim class. She'll kick in the water when I ask her to. She can do a cheek-to-cheek backfloat and is learning to blow bubbles. She hates to leave the water though. This week I'm going to see if some post-swim stickers will pacify her.

Here are my pictures of the day from the last few days.

Five things about me.
1. I made The Pioneer Woman's Ranch Style Chicken tonight and loved it.

2. I'm not a big fan of Jenny on the L Word. I hope she doesn't monopolize the show this final season.

3. I hope Meridith and Christina (from Grey's Anatomy) have made up. I've missed their camaraderie. And I miss George. He only gets four words per show, poor thing.

4. I really don't watch that much tv. And I knit stuff as I'm watching.

5. But sometimes knitting while watching tv has horrible results. I recently knit a sweater. I tried it on after it was done. I looked as huge as a football defensive linebacker. I'm going to try to rip it apart and salvage the yarn. Right now, I'm knitting another hat for Kylie and a nice, safe afghan.

Here's a recent scrapbook page- kissing santa.


2momswithaplan said...

I agree with you about Jenny from the LWord. She just annoys me! :)

Lovin the pictures as always. She grows so much in every picture. Time sure does fly by!

Shauna said...

I liked Jenny more at the beginning of the L Word. She was more interesting. I haven't started this season yet though.

I want a hat for Chicka like the one you did for Kylie. It's the cutest darned thing!

Anonymous said...

I read daily but I confess, don't often comment despite loving your blog and your Kylie! Just HAD to comment this time though because we don't often see Kylie in a dress and she looks just adorable--as always! Lori

CRose said...

Send your linebacker sweater to your Mom. I feel about that big and clumsy these days.

Kerry Lynn said...

Oh holy polka dot dress! I LOVE it!
M&J had a ton of fun at their first swim lesson too. I have to write about it and share some pictures.

Jenny's character has definitely gone downhill but there's no denying she is H.O.T.