Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year

Thank you all so much for your supportive and encouraging comments. I was so pleased to read and then re-read each and every comment. You lift me up far more than you know.

I love the first day of the year. I threw out last year's page-a-day calendar (which was a bit of a disappointment) and tore into this year's calendar. .

Then Karen helped me rearrange our family room. Our new arrangment lets is more light and provides more windowsill space for Kylie to play with. It's a most welcome change. Unfortantely, Kylie didn't feel much like playing. She was quite uncomfortable with teething pain all day. It's pretty unusual for us to see her doing mostly this.

and this:

It's hard to see her hurting and even harder to listen to the poor dear whine all afternoon.

I was especially glad to turn to my trusty Photoshop for some creative comfort this evening. Here are two new pages:
more to remember

So Happy Together

I hope all of you have a Very Happy New Year!


Stacey said...

teething sucks.

cute pictures as always (previous post).

that's lousy about the poster that made you feel bad. I don't think asking how the barrette is supposed to be used is stupid. it's an honest question. i would like to think that we all share everything and can look for answers to any old question, right?

Anabelle said...

ugh.. teething stinks. My baby just got her last molar in... what a releif! I think we're free now until she's six.. when they get thier big kid molars.

woo hoo!

How many teeth does she have?

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Anabelle,
Thanks for your comment.
Miss Kylie has 12 teeth in right now, with 4 more that will probably be here sometime in January.

Rhiann said...

Happy New Year!

I thought I take the start of a new year as a time to de-lurk, introduce myself and tell you how MUCH I enjoy your blog!

My name's Rhiann, my daughter, Allura, is 18 months old and I found you through Kerry Lynn's blog. ( I know Kerry Lynn from a forum based around people with PCOS.)

I adore your blog. I check in frequently to see what genius photos you've taken and what Kylie is up to lately. She's a few months older than Allura, so I can get an idea of what's coming up!

I love photography and your photos inspire me!

Anyway, there's some warm fuzzies for you and I'll try to comment more. ;-)

Hope Kylie feels better...luckily that's one thing she's behind Allura on. We've been done teething since 15 months!

P.S. Any tips on starting and maintaining a well-rounded blog? My attempts have failed many a time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy and Karen:

Happy New Year to both of you and to your sweet and precious daughter Kylie- she's such a bundle of joy in a world full of wonderful amazement and youthful opportunities.

I've been following your blog for quite some time and it constantly amazes me to see the growth in both of your lives and in your family as a whole- the two of you are such wonderful parents to Kylie, she's greatful to have you both in her life.

Thankyou so much for sharring a part of your family with us all, and for allowing your blog to be an inspiration to many.

Leakey Realtor said...

Hello...I've been lurking for quite awhile now! I really don't remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but what struck me was how much Kylie looks like my little girl (now 11 years old) did when she was little. The other evening I was looking at some of your photos and my daughter came into the room and exclaimed "Oh, is that me?"

Don't worry about the meanie who commented on the barrette''s gotta be a man who just doesn't understand the importance of things like that!!!

God bless you and your family...thanks.


Soupy said...

Poor baby- we are dealing with that as well- waking up SEVERAL times at night, it's like sleep training all over again soon (*sob*).
I hope K is feeling better today!!!!

Stef said...

AH,, the teething days!!! Must say I do not miss those!!!!

SO which one of you uses the KINDLE? I got one for x-mas and I am totally in love with it!!!!!

hope Kylie feels better!!!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Rhiann,

Thank you for your wonderful comment and for the warm fuzzies!

You asked about maintaining a blog? I guess I use this blog as an outlet to record all of Kylie's stuff. Our family lives across country. I use the blog to keep them updated and to hang out with my mom friends. I just try to keep the short and to the point and also try to keep it real. Let me know if you start a blog again; I'll come read ya!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Stef,

I'm so glad that Kylie's teething is doing better... today anyway. As my friend Stacey says, "Teething never ends".

Anyway, we are a TWO Kindle family. If you use one account to buy your books then you can send the books to multiple devices.

Karen got me the Kindle as an anniversary present. But I knew the way she was staring at it so longingly, that she wanted one too. And it has been fantastic!

The best time was when we were reading Breaking Dawn at the same time. It was practically a race! But we didn't have to wait for one person to finish or buy two copies. Just awesome!

So glad you are enjoying yours. Wendy