Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Typical morning

I thought you might like to see some typical morning shots. These are straight from the camera before the sun came up and would benefit from some photoshop work but I don't have time. I used my big ole, cool-but-heavy flash.

Mischievous. She's on her way to brush her Little Ponies manes. Apparently she needs more than one brush to do it. The mischievous grin is because in two seconds, she's going to try to brush my hair.

Surrounded by toys

Little red table

Mommy's office. On mornings that I run, I put Kylie in front of my computer so that she can watch a few minutes of Sesame Street while I put on running clothes and put in my contacts. You can see that some of my work space is occupied with cat beds and in a typical mess. I'm pleased that the cats no longer run away just because Kylie is in the room.

Kylie is speaking in phrases and small sentences. Some examples I heard this morning were:
"There's {a} big whale; he's swimming"
"Sit down here Mommy" and
"Run bubble? Shoes, coat, Barbie!" This was when I told her that in a minute we were going to get ready for our run. She has a plastic cover for her stroller that she has named run bubble.

And my favorite phrase, "I help! Kylie help!" She likes to help me clean up around the house and prepare food. So when it was time for second breakfast, I asked her to hold this apple for me while I got a few more things from the fridge. Apparently she didn't want to wait for me to cut it up for her. She started gnawing on the apple. You know me; I grabbed the camera.

Teeny, tiny fit. So small that I don't remember what it was about. I like the horror-filled look that says, "I'm upset and crying and you are taking pictures?" You betcha kiddo. Mommy is more than a little strange."


Kate said...

Why are you up before the sun? Yuck.

Great pictures.

Pero-Luter said...

Just wanted to say, my partner and I have been reading your blog for the last few weeks. As a photographer, I love seeing your great photos. We have been TTC since March 08 and have recently found out we are pregnant. We m/c in June and we are very nervous about this one. It is comforting to read about your success story.

Kerry Lynn said...

That's the only way M&J will EAT an apple!

I attempted to write down our fits today and Madison only had two and Jackson had none! I swear that is not typical. usually by the time Chris comes home for lunch I'm completely frustrated with them both! So we had a good day today :-) Maybe they knew I was keeping track.

Stacey said...

Great pictures! I love the fit! Hahaha. They are so dramatic!

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

The horror-filled look made me laugh out loud! I see that around here from time to time too. :) Such drama at 20 months...

Robin said...

She's too precious!