Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Swings and slides and standing back

I recently heard the term, "helicopter parent". It was used to describe a parent that hovers over their kids, interfering with their child's play whenever the child becomes frustrated, not letting their kid figure things out for themselves, and being generally over-protective.

Well, I've got to admit, that's me.

But I'm trying to improve.

Take our visit to the playground. Normally, I would climb up onto the play structures with Kylie and stand within arms distance. But today, I stood back and played with the 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 lens on my camera. I think this is the lens that came with my camera but I don't think I've ever used it since I prefer my macro lens.

Anyway, after Kylie played on the gym, she told me she was going to slide.

But first, she had to clear away the stick that was one the stairs. Because you know that's not acceptable. She's such a clean freak.

And up the stairs she goes and I stand back and cheer.

I think I stopped breathing right around here.

Okay, I can't stand it anymore and I've moved up a bit. I'm absolutely silent but at least I'm not chanting, "Careful, careful" like I usually do.

And now she's ready to slide down and we are both so proud of ourselves. I've let my baby bird have some wing time and it feels just fine.

And you've got to love it, she went up and down the slide five times and didn't hurt herself.

Then it was time for the swings. We both needed a breather.

I love trying to take pictures of Kylie in the swing. It's like a workout for my poor camera as it tries to focus, focus, focus. I can practically hear it panting out of breath. And I'm trying to push the swing, and aim the camera, and not get kicked in the face. I love it!

This was my favorite shot of the day.

But then there is that moment when it's time to go.

And no manner of explanation of windburned cheeks, cold hands, wet diaper, snacktime, or anything will make it easier for a toddler to leave the swings. So you just sigh, pick her up, put the screaming kiddo on your hip and walk to your car. But even with her normal good-bye tears, it was a great day.


Audra said...

what a cutie! I LOVE that photo with the sun streaming in!!

Stacey said...

i also love your favourite photo of the day. amazingly beautiful.
listen, at this age we are all pretty helicopter. they are little and when they climb up high slide ladders, i think we all stand close by. but good for you for standing back. it is hard to do and it is hard not to want to step in. i tell riley to ask for help when she is really frustrated.

Michelle said...

I also love the photo with the sunshine it. Congrats on opening your and Kylie's wings. I know, its hard to let them grow up so fast. I say 'let' as if we have a choice. Ugh.

2momswithaplan said...

It's so easy to hover. I hover over my niece when she is on the playground. Not hovering is extremely hard. Great job on your non-hovering success!!

I too love your favorite photo. She is getting so big!

Anonymous said...

I check in on your site from time to time and I'm so happy that today was one of those days. You should see my smile! I'm a grandmother now and "helicopter-ing" again. Oh my. Life is good.

ajs4ever said...

All of the pics are so awesome! I love the last one too:) You are very gifted with the camera!

Anonymous said...

hard not to hover esp with your first baby---and she is not very old! Good that you recognize it and you will catch yourself...and remember that you need to pull back! Love the pics! What a cute little girl~

Anonymous said...

Wendy..enjoy your blog and photos of Kylie and scrap pages. You are so talented!

Take a peak at this blog..I think you will enjoy it..

Lynanne said...

I hadn't heard the term helicopter parent. I've become better but I still hover too much.

Beautiful photos, btw!

Anonymous said...

I am a double chopper helicopter parent. At the park yesterday I was holding his hand leading him around. No one else was holding hands with their toddlers...but I just knew at any moment he was going to run like the wind directly at the road...

And if you're gonna have an extreme, I'd rather err on the side of caution...

That said, I do need to let up. But just a LITTLE bit. :)

Soupy said...

your photos are always so amazing- I LOVE that term , too - Helicopter - that would describe my husband- please send him some "relax" vibes? LOL

Hey- in April (first part of the week of Easter) K and I might be visiting Mooshie (our egg donor) in Portland, so we would love to meet up and get some great pics by you if that would possibly work- I'll keep you posted....just think, the two "K's" could play together! :)

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing eye for photos. :) I loved your favorite photo... it's perfect !
My kiddo's are 11 an 7, and I still hover... It's just a mom thing. :) Enjoy your weekend. ¥

Jen said...

Good job backing off a bit mom, though I admit when I saw the pic of her near the top of the ladder, I had to admit I would have moved closer too! She's beautiful as always and your photos are lovely