Sunday, January 04, 2009

Some art, sneaky moves and a walk

On Saturday, Kylie and I did a little art project. We made a ladybug! While Kylie was sleeping, I cut out all the bug parts. So when it was craft time, I would rub a bit of glue from a glue stick, hand her the piece and point to the general direction of where the part should go. Kylie would put the part down and rub her hand back and forth to make sure it was glued down. I was impressed with her ability to glue the stuff down and how happy it made her when she saw it all come together.

Afterwards, she got some ladybug stickers.

Now when you see this next picture, you might think, "Oh, what a sweet photo." But let's look again. What's actually going on is that Kylie is trying to sneak a sticker into her mouth. She's smiling sweetly and standing still in the hopes that her camera-crazy Mommy will be too engrossed in taking a picture and won't notice the sticker going in. Ha! Not fooling me kiddo.

You still aren't fooling me Kylie. That's a very sweet pose but I can see you trying to sneak play-doh in your mouth!

So mischievous and such a little actress.

Tonight, I put together a quick mosaic of some of Kylie's recent art projects. You can click here to read more about it.

On Saturday afternoon, it was clear enough for us to take a walk.

Kylie was so excited to be out walking around! With all the snow, it has been quite a while since we've done a neighborhood walk. She didn't even mind that her crazy mother had her dressed in purple pants, brown jacket, pink hat, blue mittens and white shoes. It was so cold that Kylie actually left her mittens on for the entire walk--shocking!

After we had been walking a bit, I noticed that some of Kylie curls were sneaking out from under her hat. I have such a love affair with these curls. I started zooming in to get a good picture of them. By zooming in, I mean getting closer to her (I didn't have on my zoom lens). I'm practically butting her in the face with this photo but I couldn't help it--had to photograph those curls.

The curls! The curls!

Finally, Kylie decided to rest for just a bit on our neighborhood park bench. I know these three photos are almost exactly the same but I just couldn't pick my favorite.

I'm sorry, but this one actually makes my uterus cramp.

Heaven! Bliss!

Did you know that Kylie is running now? Here she is laughing at me as I try to jog backwards far enough to squat down to her level and fire off a shot before she runs on top of me.

I'm pretty sure she was holding the rock in case I tried to zoom in on her curls again.

Lastly, here's a scrapbook page I finished. You might recognize these photos from November (I'm so behind on scrapping!). The blue card image looks like a white blob from a distance but it's actually Karen and Kylie laughing together. I still think it looks kinda cool.
Such Joy

Hope you had a great weekend!


traci said...

The three pics that are almost the same? I LOVE the middle one! She is absolutely adorable!

Stacey said...

great photos!!! and the art projects are awesome. it's wonderful that you are doing those creative projects with her.

Stacey said...

p.s. riley also puts stickers in her mouth every time. she'll run out of the room to do it so i can't see.

Anabelle said...

Isn't it amazing the tiny things they learn to do that blow your mind?? ie.. running? lol

Wait until she walks backwards for the first time.. that amazed me when my daughter did it.

Mine is almost three now... she's pretty much mastered all of the major physicaly and verbal milestones.. so there are few moments like that left for me.. treasure them.. they slip by so fast.

Lynanne said...

Such cute artwork! A good friend of mine mats and frames her daughter's artwork. Their house is very stylish and I never would guess that the works of art were done by their preschooler.

Such cute photos!! Love the sneaky smiles! What a personality Kylie has. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented in a long time, but I love to come here and sneak a peek of your blue eyed cutie!! I love the pictures that you capture of her. I also love the scrapbooking that you post. I wish I knew more about digital scrapbooking. Has to be a lot less messy that regular scrapbooking. I am loving Kylie's hair as it gets longer and the curls are simply adorable!

Audra said...

Kylie looks like such a joy! How adorable is she!!! And those art projects are so great!

Anonymous said...

Love the pink hat! When on earth do you get time to knit????? Lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

those art projects are great!

Kerry Lynn said...

Kylie got a haircut! Good, now you can focus on more important things than bows ;-)

I guess I never thought to write down that they were running. They do it all the time chasing each other around the house. It usually involves much giggling.

cracking up at the uterus comment! Too funny!