Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Art class - final two

(Sorry if the spacing is off. I had a hard time getting the formatting correct with uploading the pictures with blogger instead of using flickr like I usually do).

We had our last art class today and boy, I will miss it! Let me share what we've done in our last two classes. You might recall that the class is centered around the abc's.

The teacher taught the letters O and C. Kylie made water color and paperbag owls and button corn.

Kylie cut the black strips on her owl's belly using a pair of safety scissors (and a little help from me). I had no idea that she would be ready for cutting so soon but she did great! I'll going to buy a pair of safety scissors for our home crafts.

She made this corn out of cut foam and buttons. Kylie loves glueing buttons. I suppose I'll add buttons to my craft store list too.

One of the stories the teacher read to the class was Owl Babies by Martin/Benson and it gets my thumbs up.

We got it from the library and Kylie really likes it. It's about three little owls who miss their mom while she is out hunting.

Today our class focused on the letters G and S. The teacher read the story of the Gingerbread Man and then the kiddos made their own.

And our last exercise was to make layered sand. What fun!

I searched online and found this site which had some fun paper bag crafts. Kylie enjoyed making this frog at home.

And while driving around, we stumbled on this Lakeshore Learning store which is the same as the Learning Palace stores I loved to visit in Portland. I think I actually jumped up and down when I entered the store because, like the ones in Oregon, it has fantastic art supplies and wonderful educational toys for the kiddos. While there, I got some pre-cut tissue paper squares and we made this pizza and this fish at home with them.

I guess that's it for our latest art projects. Oh, except here are my two recent latest scrapbook pages of some May & June pictures of Kylie:
a few more.jpg



Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I love all of the art projects. Some of them are quite similar to ones that Ethan has recently done in Preschool, so you have a great teacher and you are one creative mom! Our refrigerator is plastered with masterpieces...I bet yours is too.

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Very creative. Teo and I LOVE that Owl Babies book. He especially loves when the smallest owl cries "I want my Mommy."