Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's a girl to do?

There is really deep snow outside and three more days until Christmas.....what should a little girl do?

Why, hug Santa and make goofy faces at the camera, of course!

On Sunday, Karen and I spent over four hours digging out just one of our cars and half our driveway. We knew the snow was coming but did one of us stop and get a snow shovel, nooooo. So we were shoveling with a garden spade, a rake and a broom. And I was trying to kick the snow out the driveway. We made quite a sight! Finally, one of our neighbors took pity on us and offered us her snow shovel. Regardless, we were both completely sore the next day from all the shoveling and kicking. And on Monday, we got to shovel some more. And again today. Yeesh! At least our cars are finally out. And, like everyone else around here, we have a six foot snow bank on both sides of our drive.

Kylie wants to go running around in the snow and gets frustrated when she takes a step in it and gets buried up to her waist. But she made do with staying on the shoveled path, learning to make snowballs and eating icicles.


Beth said...

oh, i wish you lived closer... you're always welcome to our shovels!!! =)

welcome to va... we really never do get snow like this! it's crazy all the snow!

have a wonderful christmas! we're looking forward to a playdate after the New Year!

Kerry said...

Oh wild! Buy a snow blower, it's worth the money.

Nicole Elizabeth said...

Hi Wendy and Karen, just stopping by to wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

Teaberry said...

Honestly, this is very, very unusual for this area! It has been a pain in the neck, and we also went without a shovel for a little while... poor Julie was outside shoveling for a few days and is still sore!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Wow...I don't envy all of your snow. The most we have had so far is half an inch. I'm sure our fair share is coming though.

Take care and be careful in all of that snow. I agree, a snow blower might be a great investment. :)