Sunday, December 06, 2009

What Kylie is reading - week of November 30

When we returned home from Thanksgiving in TN, I went to the library to pick up the 30+ library books I had on hold. We've had a fun time reading this week!

Kylie's favorite book was "Llama, llama, red pajama" by Anna Dewdney which we bought while we were in TN. We also have "llama, llama, misses mama" but Kylie likes red pajama much more. One day this week, Kylie did something exasperating and I let out a deep sigh. Kylie said with a contrite face, "Stop my llama dramas" which is a line from the book. Of course, I completely cracked up.

Another favorite is a book my Mom gave us at Thanksgiving--"If You Give a Moose a Muffin" by Laura Numeroff. Kylie likes to hold the moose Granna gave to her while we read it. I think I like this one even more than "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".

I blogged about the art activity we did with the book "Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. We've read this one several times before naptime.

"Higher Higher!" by Leslie Patricelli. This book is mostly graphic with only a few words. It shows a girl getting pushed so high on her swing that she can see a giraffe at the zoo, to the top of tall buildings, to mountain tops, to space. And there she sees an alien also on a swing. They say hi to each other and then give one another high fives before she returns to the swing set. This book really holds Kylie's attention. Probably because she is such a swing fanatic.

"The Pocket Dogs" by Margaret Wild. I thought Kylie would want this one read more often because she loves putting her stuffed dogs into her various small purses. I thought it was a delightful story. Perhaps we'll try it again later.

We read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and "Chicka Chicka 123" by Bill Martin Jr in our art class and several times at home this week. I thought about buying it but I have a feeling that Kylie is going to see it plenty at preschool and school in the years to come.

"The Pet Dragon" by Christoph Niemann. I thought Kylie might like this one because she likes dragons and the Chinese Characters from the tv show Ni Hao Kai Lan. It was a fun book to read a few times and is about a spunky girl looking for her runaway dragon.

The last book I have to share shocked and delighted me. It's called "Hush Little Dragon" by Boni Ashburn. You can read it/sing it to the tune of "Hush Little Baby, Don't Say a Word". But this book has a wicked sense of humor. Here are a few lines: "When you want more goodies to munch, Mama's gonna bring you a king for lunch" and "Here she comes with a fresh magician. Don't mind the taste- he's good nutrition." It complete with wonderful graphics. After a day where I thought I would lose my mind if Kylie brought me one more Dora book to read, this book made me laugh out loud. But you know, I'm twisted like that.


Beth said...

Oh, I love your book reviews!

It's funny, Adam just took a liking to Dora and Diego... so of course we had to check a few of those books out. He also discovered "If you give a mouse a cookie..." in Chicago and loved it... I thought it was a little advanced but he enjoyed it. I love Leslie P. books -- the pics are so entertaining.

Thanks, as always, for your reviews! =)

Chels said...

That Dragon book looks great. It's on order at my library so I put a hold on it! Thanks for the recommendation!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Thanks for joining - clearly you had a great reading week. Some of the books on your list are favorites here too. Anna liked Chicka Chicka Boom Boom when she was younger, but now doesn't want to do anything with it. Of course, she has zillions of new books to read every week :)