Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Treasure Bag

Kylie has a bag of treasures. It's a little 4" x 5" soft, black, drawstring bag. Kylie likes picking out each day what she considers a treasure and putting it in her bag.
Today's treasures are:
  • a spinning top decorated with the stars from the Dora the Explorer show. This is from the goodie bag from her friend Amelia's birthday party.
  • baby doll and teddy bear from the dollhouse her Nana gave her.
  • a stone giraffe from her Grandpa.
  • a hard plastic red flower.
  • a purple ring
  • a cloth "love" disk from her Grandpa. This actually is a towel that will expand when it gets in water. My mom gave Kylie one a while back. Kylie freaked out when it expanded; she preferred the original shape. So when I told Kylie what this was like that towel, she quickly put it in her bag and told me to leave it alone.

    I love that she has these little touchstones that bring her joy.

    I finished my Shutterfly book of my two days in DC with my Dad. If you are interested, you can view it here.
    Washington DC Shutterfly Book

    Anonymous said...

    She is just stunning. Seriously.

    Lynanne said...

    I love the treasure bag idea! (and I love your photos too!)

    BTW; I know you are a yarn lover. A friend of a friend (who's last name happens to be Friend - LOL) and her partner own a sheep farm in MN ("organic" farming methods) and have some really cool yarn up for sale on their blog.