Friday, December 04, 2009

Six Random Things

1. I love Kylie's eyelashes. They are so long and dark. And they are a wonderful contrast to her blonde mane of hair. I enjoy taking pictures of them.

2. Kylie is crazy for shadow puppets right now. She loves playing in the dark with flashlights. One night, Karen started making shadow puppets against the wall. She looked on YouTube and found this video and this one and now Kylie wants to watch these videos at least once a day. She laughs at me when I try to make a shadow puppet. She'll giggle and say, "That's not a bunny (or dog or whatever)!"

3. Kylie is into naming emotions and making mad faces and sad faces and scared faces. She has her stuffed animals feel mad, sad and scared too.

4. It's been more rainy in Virginia than it ever was in Portland. And that's saying something. In Portland, it will rain 30 minutes to an hour and be done. It's rained all day and all night in VA day after day after day. I normally love the rain but this downpour is getting to be a bit much. And we have snow predicted for the weekend. Yikes!

5. Karen and I got a jump start on our Christmas shopping for each other AND our new year healthy resolutions. We got a Wii with a Wii balance board, Wii Fitness, Biggest Loser and EA Sports More workouts. I've been getting up at 5:45am to workout every day now for a week. I'm a bit sore but am glad to be more active. If you have a Wii, feel free to share any tips or favorites.

6. I feel really behind on all my correspondence and blog reading. Sorry if you haven't seen a comment or an email from me in a while. I'm trying to catch up.

I'll leave you with this two-page scrapbook spread documenting Kylie's art class. I think it turned out nice but it's not showing well on here because the background is white. So click on the picture if you want a clearer view. Have a great weekend everyone!



Cara said...

Beautiful scrabook pages, as always. Do you digital scrap, or paper scrap?

2 AFRO DADS said...

You take some wonderful photos of your daughter!

2 Afro Dads

Nicole Elizabeth said...

If you have a Wii, feel free to share any tips or favorites.

Response: A Few favorite wii games are My Fitness Coach, Golds Gym Cardio Boxing, Just dance, my Weight loss Coach and the Biggest Looser One.