Sunday, December 06, 2009

Love those early presents

We put up our Christmas tree on Saturday while a couple of inches of snow fell outside. Kylie said, "Thank you for putting together my tree. It's beautiful!"

Saturday night our mail was delivered and we had a Christmas package from Kylie's Aunt Amy. She said she wanted Kylie to go ahead and open her presents so she could enjoy it all month long.

I LOVE early presents and Amy picked some perfect ones. She gifted Kylie with her first Sock Monkey, an adorable stuffed white dog that fits into a red, dog-sized purse, and some awesome Sock Monkey dishes with tea pot.



Kylie sat right down and had a tea party for her new friends. Thank you Aunt Amy!

Amidst the decorating and snow and such, I was still able to create these two scrapbook pages. I hope you had as much fun as I did this weekend.



Laurie said...

She is such a sweet girl :)

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures! Liked the snow ones, too! =)

We miss you guys! Are you free for a playdate this Thursday? Leave a comment on my blog - or send me an email - to let me know. Thanks! =)

Nada in Australia said...

Beautiful. I want a sock monkey too!!

Kerry Lynn said...

Those gifts are awesome! Maddie would love that dog!
The light in that room is spectacular!

MoonNStarMommy said...

She is adorable!! We have a family tradition where there are gifts to open once a week (one gift, once a week) from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Started it the first Christmas of my oldest because there were so many gifts and it seemed overwhelming, and then turned into hope this will help him not SNOOP .. lol.. so it's continued now for 14 years!