Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Baby dreams

My baby book tells me babies start having rapid eye movements this week. Rapid eye movements suggest that the baby is sleeping. The book states that the baby simply dreams of things in her life such as stretching or playing with the cord.

But it wasn't stated as absolute fact. After all, how could they know for sure exactly what she's dreaming? And I've had lots of fun imagining what else she could be dreaming of.

In addition to having a body connection, the baby and I could have a mind connection. If so, Kylie could be sharing my dreams. Have you had the experience of living with someone, comparing dreams in the morning and found that your dreams shared certain elements? For example, just last week, Karen told me she had a dream wherein she was designing roller coasters. That same night, I had a dream that I was at an amusement park. And neither of us remembers seeing or hearing anything about parks or coasters in the days before. I've had this happen several times where someone else's dreams "bleed over" into mine or vice versa. So perhaps I'm entertaining Kylie with some of my dream images.


If you believe in reincarnation, perhaps the baby is dreaming of her previous life? Maybe she's remembering what she loved about her last life like playing in the grass, or riding a bicycle, or eating ice cream, or kissing her first love. And maybe with these memories that haven't yet washed away, she's also anticipating her life-to-come.


If you believe in heaven, perhaps the baby dreams of that landscape which has beauties beyond our imagination. Maybe she remembers angels singing. Or of being in the presence of family members who wish her well on her journey and are excited to welcome her back once she returns to heaven.

Or maybe she's just dreaming of playing with her cord. Who knows? All I know is that in this world of "scientific and medical pregnancies", it's nice to enjoy a bit of mystical contemplation of the life inside me.

[23w, 1d]


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! It reminded me a little of the book On the Day You Were Born, by Debra Frasier, which tells of how the earth and all its creatures anticipate a baby's arrival. Not quite the same thing you're describing, but a similar tone, I think. If you don't have the book, I recommend it.

Stacey said...

Interesting theories. It is fun to wonder what goes on in there. I too wondered what the baby could possibly dream about. I thought perhaps she would dream of the things she hears and wonder what they are. Like dogs barking, subway trains screeching, people talking, music banging... I hope, for her sake, she doesn't share my dreams! My dreams are usually messed up. LOL

Lynanne said...

I really enjoyed this post. I would like to believe that baby dreams of something beyond her/his shadowy womb. Adults can dream of experiences, sensations and places we've never been - why not babies?How very intriguing it is to wonder!